Yapping Yorkie Facts

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The Guinness Book of World Records is a source of interesting information, even if it is not relevant to daily life. It does list the smallest dog ever recorded, a Yorkie Terrier named Sylvia. She stood only 2 ½ inches tall at the shoulder, was 3 ¼ inches long and only weighed 4 ounces. Her small size was a disadvantage, and she only lived a few years before being buried in Blackburn England. What other interesting facts about Yorkies will entice people to fall in love with this breed? Here are 10 to get started on.

Fact 1: A toy breed, Yorkies are expect to be small, under 7 pounds.  Teacup Yorkies only get up to 3 pounds as full grown adults. The smaller the dog, the more food they need. Most Yorkies will need access to food at all times, and should be encouraged to eat. Small dog breeds are very susceptible to hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.

Fact 2: Breed to be rat catchers, Yorkies are high energy companion dogs. They need time with their human family but are wary of strangers. They will chase squirrels and become aggressive to strange dogs, even dogs that are much bigger than them. They do bark at people and things, so they must be trained in the appropriate time to bark.

Fact 3: The coat is tan and steel-blue, long and silky. The long hair is cut over the eyes so they can see, or pulled up into a topknot. They do not shed, but do need to be brushed every other day and groomed regularly. Short coats are easier to maintain, though the long coat is more popular.

Fact 4: Yorkies do not do well when they are left alone for long periods of time. They are pack animals and can become over-protective of their human pack. It is difficult to introduce a new pack member to a Yorkie, though they have no problems with other animals they have been raised with.  

Fact 5: As energetic animals, Yorkies need to be walked or exercised daily. If this becomes routine, Yorkies make excellent dogs for apartment dwellers

Fact 6: Yorkies do well with children older than 7. When startled or teased, Yorkies may snarl, snap and nip back. Children under 7 are more likely to pick up Yorkies and leave them in high places, such as on couches or countertops. When the Yorkie tries to get down, they may jump and break a leg or otherwise injure themselves.  

Fact 7: Yorkshire Terriers have high metabolisms, as demonstrated by their likelihood of getting low blood sugar levels. As such, they are also prone to chills and do not like the cold or damp areas. High heat is also a problem, so they should spend most of their time in human comfortable temperatures.  

Fact 8: Eating problems can relate to dental problems, so special care should be given to Yorkie teeth.  

Fact 9: Yorkies can be hard to train, and easy to spoil.

Fact 10: Early socialization and training is key to limiting the yipping bark of the Yorkie.

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