What is Apple’s iWatch?

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Apple’s iWatch is not the typical watch that you have ever encountered for it has more to offer. Apple Watch has all new interactions and technologies provided to its users. It boasts its capacity to allow the user to do things more quickly and conveniently. Aside from gaining the title “The Smartest Watch”, iWatch is also its user’s best friend. Here are the reasons why…

1. Innovation in Interactions. Unlike any other inventions, this petite device takes in the functions of iPhones and Mac. It is ingenuity that enabled navigation to be contained in a very tiny display that is worn on the wrist. Thus, what is experienced by Mac and iPhone users are felt as well by iWatch users.

2. The Digital Crown. iWatch has undeniably a unique input device called the Digital Crown. When in mechanical watches crowns are used to set up the time and date, apple reimagined it to be a versatile tool that takes in the fundamental challenge of magnifying content on a small display. Turning the crown would enable the user to navigate without obstructing the display. It is deemed to be the integral part of the Apple Watch.

3. New but Familiar. From the time you’ll get to wear it, you’ll be familiar. It’s visual content seems to be familiar to every user, thus, using it would come naturally. The navigation is definitely fluid and responsive and the arrangement of applications is orderly and simply.

4. The Retina Display. The incredibly high pixel density makes numbers and text easy to read at a glance, even while you’re moving. Images and graphics render with remarkable sharpness and contrast, including finely detailed ones like the rotation of a hair-thin second hand on a watch face. An Ion  X glass is as well utilized to ensure its protection.

5. Can Tell a Tap and a Press. iWatch senses force, adding a new dimension to the user interface. Force Touch uses tiny electrodes around the flexible Retina display to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press, and trigger instant access to a range of contextually specific controls. With Force Touch, pressing firmly on the screen brings up additional controls in apps like Messages, Music, and Calendar. It also lets you select different watch faces, pause or end a workout, search an address in Maps, and more. Force Touch is the most significant new sensing capability since Multi-Touch.

6. Just Enough Information. Apple optimized your favorite apps for the wrist by developing Glances – these are scannable summaries of the information you seek out most frequently. To see them, users simply swipe up from your watch face. In an instant, they can glimpse the weather forecast, check out what’s next on their calendar, or find their current location on a map. They can quickly swipe through different Glances, or tap one to go directly to its corresponding app for more details.

7. Notifies you Immediately. Because it’s connected to your iPhone, Apple Watch can present time in a more personal way. One that’s based around your life and schedule. You’ll receive real-time notifications for incoming mail, messages, and calls. So you can answer or dismiss them instantly. And since Apple Watch sits on your wrist, your alerts aren’t just immediate. They’re intimate.

8. A Closer Siri. Siri is with the user all the time. In fact, by just holding the Digital Crown or saying “Hey Siri”, the function is activated.

9. Taptic Engine.  A linear actuator inside Apple Watch that produces haptic feedback is called a Taptic Engine. It even scans your heartbeat.

10. Fitness Buddy. iWatch calculates your physical activities and it can provide you with basis as to working out and diet.

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