Welcome To The Gun Show: 10 Awesome Facts About Thor

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One of the world’s favorite super heroes is Thor, the God of Thunder. While associated with many things, he is best known for his affinity to thunder, lightning, storms, as well as his strength. His titles also include protector of mankind, God of supreme strength, healing, fertility, as well as law and order within the realms of Earth and Asgard. He was also the patron saint of farmers, and though he was fearsome, he is believed to have had a gentle heart. Thor is also the most popular among the deities in Norse mythology. For more awesome facts about the Norse god, here are 10 more coming right up, enjoy!

Fact 1: Thor is a supreme being and God of Thunder who originates from ancient Norse mythology. He hails from the land of Asgard, and is the son of Odin, the All-Father, as well as Fjorgyn, who was believed to be the Spirit of the Earth.

Fact 2: The God of Thunder is known to possess otherworldly strength and has thunder and lightning at beck and call. Thor also has a mighty war hammer, called Mjolnir, as well as a belt that doubles his power. Oh, and he also sports iron gauntlets or gloves, and is depicted wearing a cape in the Marvel comic books and films.

Fact 3: For the role of Thor in the Avenger films, Daniel Craig was initially offered the role of the favorite Norse god hero, but turned it down due to commitments with the James Bond films. Other prospects for the role of Thor include Brad Pitt, Kevin McKidd, and Channing Tatum, and even wrestler of WWE fame Triple H. Chris Hemsorth eventually proved to be the best bet at portraying the role, and it’s safe to say we’re all pleased with the outcome.

Fact 4: Thor’s chief weapon, his hammer Mjollnir, has the power to return to him just like a boomerang. Thor is the only deity who can wield it, but those who are worthy such as Captain America and the alien Beat Ray Bill were also seen wielding it very briefly; a mystical hammer forged by elves and is also known as “Crusher”. It is believed that the powerful weapon has the ability to restore life to the dying or dead as well. Thor’s hammer and its relations to life and fertility have led to Norse custom of placing a hammer onto the wife’s lap on her wedding, and later on over her newborn child.

Fact 5: Thor was a god of good nature, but his anger was something no army could ever face unscathed. His appetite and love for fighting was as large as the giants he had to defeat. He was married to Sif, the beautiful and gentle goddess who is seldom mentioned in the norse myths.

Fact 6: Norse mythology dictates that Thor and the rest of the deities from Asgard obtain their immortality from eating the magical golden apples of Idunn, which grow in the goddess Idunn’s garden and can only be picked by her. This essential storyline is also continued in the Marvel version, where Thor is seen returning to Asgard every now and then to renew his immortality.

Fact 7: The Norse god’s most abhorred enemy is the vile serpent Jormungand, who is believed to encircle the world. On several occasions, they are believed to encounter one another and it often results in long battles of agony and destruction. It is believed that when Ragnarok, or the end of the world, has come, Thor and Jormungand finally kill each other. Another formidable foe Thor faces is his adopted brother Loki, god of mischief.

Fact 8: Although the Thor we know and love today is depicted having long blonde locks and a large, masculine human built, the Norse god originally donned fiery red hair, a beard, as well as fierce eyes. He was also large enough for his feet to reach the bottom of ocean floors.

Fact 9: The three men responsible for the super stardom of this comic book favorite are none other than the legendary Stan Lee, as well as his younger brother and scripter Larry Leiber, and their artist Jack Kirby.

Fact 10: Aside from his superior strength and his skill in fighting, Thor also possesses the power of being able to track down objects which move faster than the speed of light. He is also known for having the power of Ventriloquism and can hear the cries of those in distress planets away.

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