True Facts About Happiness

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Happiness is a feeling that resides within an individual. It is subjective in nature and so it is really difficult to define happiness. However, in the true sense of the term, happiness denotes a feeling of well-being and contentment.

Fact 1 What Is Happiness

Happiness can be described as a feeling of joy or an emotional state of mind when an individual feels satisfied with all that he has and what surrounds him/her. It is a positive feeling that changes the total outlook and behavior of individuals who are happy. A person feels happy and satisfied when he/she achieves something or overcomes some difficulties. Attaining success in life also makes one happy. Happiness however is a term that varies from one person to another.

Fact 2 Variations Of Happiness
Since happiness is a feeling related to a subject or an individual it naturally differs from person to person. Some people are happy at small things while others, who aspire for more, are not satisfied easily and are not therefore happy always. There are some individuals who have a contemplative mind and feel that happiness resides within the heart. It is the duty for everyone to find out that happiness through belief in God and practicing piety. According to learned men and philosophers and truth-seekers, when you are enlightened about the truth of life, you always feel satisfied and happy within in spite of worldly problems.

Fact 3 The Mind Is The Seat Of Happiness
Happiness and even sorrow exist inside the minds of individuals. Thoughts, reasoning, evaluation, satisfaction, contentment, gratitude and a feeling of positivity begin from the mind. The way a problem is handled differs among individuals. Scoring marks makes students feel happy but some are happy with 60% marks whereas some are satisfied and happy only if they get a 90% in their exams. Hence happiness differs according to the desires or cravings of the individual. One is fully contented with a glass of lemon juice while another is happy only when he/she is served strawberry crush or pinacolada. Hence there is no end to the wants and desires of humans. Those who are satisfied with little things are happier than those who crave for more.

Fact 4 Effects Of Happiness
A happy and contented individual has an amiable disposition and behaves well with everyone. He/she is cool and moderate and is therefore healthy too for tension, dissatisfaction and irritation leads to various diseases. Such people are efficient at their workplace and manage their family life also equally well.

Fact 5 Characteristics Of Happy People
It has been observed that those who enjoy happiness within try to spread happiness among all those who surround them. Even if anybody wrongs them, they settle the issues calmly and do not retain anger inside them. They let their grudges go off and use their time and efforts in something that they like and gives them pleasure and happiness. Such people are extremely positive in their ways of thinking and live in the present situation. Being happy with all that you have at hand is the best way to enjoy life.

Happiness is a feeling that shows in your behavior, attitude and especially the face has a complacent look. One can easily understand that the person is happy. Apart from this, it has been proved that people, who are happy, never compare themselves with others or think about what others have. Nothing seems like a big problem for them. Happy people accept obstacles as challenges which they overcome by their patience and intelligence. Obstacles are like experiences for them that help to lead a better and happier life.

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