The State of Maryland and Other Interesting Facts

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Maryland is one of the original 13 colonies in the United States. Maryland is considered to be a small state. Even though it is small, it does not mean that it lacks all of the tourist spots as well as historical places needed to make it interesting. In Maryland, it is like getting the best of different worlds. There is an area wherein life is simple yet the state also has a large city that is considered to be urban in every way.

Fact 1: Maryland is considered to be the crab capital because of the abundance of crabs in the area. People say that you cannot leave without tasting the fresh crabs that have just been caught. If you are not into getting your hands dirty trying to open one whole crab, you can probably settle for crab cakes that are also very popular in the state of Maryland.

Fact 2: There are people who are famous that have once lived in Maryland. One is the renowned writer Edgar Allan Poe who is also well known for his great short stories and horror tales and another is Babe Ruth who is arguably one of the best baseball players that the world has ever seen. Edgar Allan Poe’s body lies at the Westminster Cemetery that is located in Baltimore.

Fact 3: The state of Maryland gives time every year to honor those who have given up their life during the civil war. The day when they do this is every September 17 at the Antietam National Battlefield. It is approximate that around 23000 candles are lit every year.

Fact 4: Related to the war, there was a time when the British people wanted to bomb Maryland but the residents at that time were informed of the attack ahead of time so they proceeded to turn off all of their sources of light which made the aim of the British bad. According to reports, only one house has been struck by a cannonball and it became known as the ‘œcannonball house.’  This happened in the year 1813.

Fact 5: Maryland has the oldest newspaper gazette that is still being printed in America. The Maryland Gazette was first printed back in the year 1727 and it is still ongoing up to now. This is probably because the residents of Maryland enjoy reading about local news that is happening all over their state. Its success is extraordinary.

Fact 6: Education is also considered to be important in Maryland. The very first dental school was opened there in the University of Maryland. The first ever school that was built in the country was also built in Maryland during the mid 1600s.

Fact 7: The state capital of Maryland is Annapolis. Annapolis is also known to be the sailing capital of the world.

Fact 8: There have already been some dinosaur fossils that have been found in Maryland and they are quite proud of it. The dinosaur fossils that have been found are: Priconodon, Astrodon and Pleurocoleus.

Fact 8: It was in September 14, 1814 when Francis Scott Key started to write the lyrics of the song ‘œStar Spangled Banner’ during the attempt to capture Baltimore. The ‘œStar Spangled Banner’ is still being used as the official national anthem of America. It was not the official song immediately. It only became the national song back in 1931. It has been said that he was inspired to write it because he saw a flag that is still standing strong amidst the war and the chaos that has been going on at that time.

Fact 10: It was Mark Pickersgill who designed the flag that was seen during the war. It was designed at the year 1912.

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