The Magnificence of the Place of Massachusetts

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Massachusetts has a great contribution to make in the history of American pilgrimage and it has received the apposite religious freedom from the traditional nomenclatures of an established civilization. The people of Massachusetts dominated British oppression with stern hands and this paved the way towards the establishment of a Plymouth Colony in the year of 1620. It is at Massachusetts that we come to learn about the Boston Tea Party, and the place holds more historical significance in time.

The Most Interesting Facts to Know about Massachusetts

  • It would be interesting for you to know that people in Massachusetts get less divorced and separated when compared to the other states. This closely portrays the sort of family bondage being practiced.

  • You would be glad to know about the Boston cream pie. This is one of the most delicious pies ever for you to relish. The invention of the pie happened in Omni Parker House in the state of Boston and it is considered to be the official desert of the state.

  • Have you heard about the American Lighthouse? The formation of the Lighthouse took place at the Boston Harbor in the year 1716.

  • There are several things to be initiated first in Boston. Sewing machine and volleyball, all started in Boston and now they are making names in the genres. The first sewing machine was invented in the year 1845 and it was in 1895 when William Morgan popularized the concept of Volleyball gaming at a place called Holyoke.

  • The game of basketball too first started in Massachusetts with the initiative of James Naismith in the year 1891 at Springfield.

  • While walking on the Boston Common it is imperative for you to know that this is the first ever public park which came into being in the year 1634. You would find lots of tourists taking a stroll on the park each day.

  • The first demonstration of telephone took place in Boston under the supervision of Graham Bell. The miracle happened in the year 1876. The initiative started with a domestic telephone connection at Somerville which is next to the present residing place of the Congressman Capuano.

  • It is at Boston that you have the Harvard University. The institution came into being in 1636 and now students from all corners of the world feel fortunate to be a part of the academic establishment.

  • Boston holds the Revere Public Beach. The wonderful location of Massachusetts make the beach so popular place to take a walk during the evening.

  • The public schooling system first began in Boston. Till then everything was governmental everywhere. Boston Latin was the first public school to be established in the year 1635 and the first public elementary school known by the name of Mather School started in the year 1639 at the place of Dorchester.

In fact, there is no match to the existential value of Massachusetts. You have all the eminent things happening at the place from the beginning. Gaming, education, culture and fun, all started at the same time in Massachusetts.

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