The Father of al-Qaeda: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Osama Bin Laden

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The infamous militant, terrorist, and mastermind of al-Qaeda: Osama Bin Laden was a force to be reckoned with. Angered by the growing influence and power of the United States all throughout the Middle East, he sought to end their reign by declaring Holy War against them. The tragic 9/11 incident, where the twin towers were bombed, is a testament to this hatred.

Here are 10 more facts you need to know about Osama Bin Laden:

Fact 1: Here’s the 411 on the 911 causing big bad wolf of al-Qaeda: his Abottabad compound had a series of gardens! Yes, interestingly enough, Osama Bin Laden had a green thumb. He grew cabbages, potatoes, and get this- Marijuana! His compound was said to house at least 1 Million Dollars’ worth of Marijuana at the time it was discovered. An even more surprising fact was that this hideout was just a few miles from the Pakistani Military base, and it went unnoticed!

Fact 2: If the first fact hasn’t you scratching your head or having a good chuckle or two, then Fact no. 2 just might deliver. Osama Bin Laden was in love with superstar Whitney Houston! If that isn’t odd enough, he hated music in general and claimed it to be ‘The flute of the devil”. He spoke fondly about her, almost every day, and even had dreams of marrying her. He would have broken his “color rule” and made her one of his wives, apparently. Oh, and he also hated her husband Bobby Brown and fantasized about killing him too. Swell.

Fact 3: This guy also had a love for sports, and was immensely fond of football, his favorite team being the English Football Club Arsenal. He attended most, if not all, the games back when he resided in London during the early nineties. Bin Laden’s former body guard also spilled the beans about Osama’s talent and love for volleyball. He towered at about 6 feet and four inches, and towered over the net.

Fact 4: You know that whole simple and humble, almost ‘caveman’ existence façade Osama had as a front to the Media? Well that’s a load of bull, considering that Osama Bin Laden had access to all the best brands. Be it Pepsi or Nestle, he had them all.

Fact 5: His whole name is a mouth full. Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as Osama bin Muhammad bin Awad bin Laden. He had several wives, including Najwa, who was his wife up until the days that led to the infamous 9/11, as well as Khadijah, Siham, Khairiah and his last wife Amal. He fathered 25 children and had 5 marriages and 2 divorces, and a brief stint with an unknown woman.

Fact 6: If you were real tight with Bin Laden, then you’d know that he was heavily invested with the very things he preached against, such as the amount of porn discovered on his hard drive.

Fact 7: Kids that would play in the field located near the hideout got a very special treat every time they would lose their ball and it somehow found itself in Bin Laden’s area of residence. Whenever the ball would hit the house or land inside it, the guards would get mad, and instead of retrieving the ball to return to the children, they would just had them back money- 100 Rupees, roughly a dollar and 20 cents- to by a new ball. The best part? A ball only costs 20 rupees, and the kids get one hell of a kickback!

Fact 8: He attended the prestigious King Abdulaziz University, where he took up Business Administration as well as Economics. He did well but felt life at the university was unfulfilling, and so he dropped out to take charge at some of the branches his father’s construction company owned. Even after being identified with terrorism, the construction business prospered.

Fact 9: Osama Bin Laden was enamored by the life and style of cowboys. He loved horses and kept a stable of 20 on his family ranch in Jeddah. Here, he would ride his steed while shooting with a gun, emulating the cowboys from his childhood. Yeehaw.

Fact 10: The famous terrorist had cash and phone numbers sewn into all of his robes! Authorities discovered a 500 Euro bill, as well as two phone numbers sewn into the pockets of his robes so that he could disappear into the Pakistani countryside at any given moment.

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