The Asgardian God Of Mischief, Madness, And Evil: 10 Awesome Facts About Loki

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Loki is one of the most powerful beings from the realm of Asgard, who have been worshipped as gods. Known as the god of mischief and cunning, Loki was a trickster and everyone was a target. After a battle in the realm Jotunheim, his father Laufey, king of the frost giants, was defeated by Odin. Loki was adopted by Odin and was taken into his family, where he was raised alongside Thor, the god of thunder. To learn more about Loki, here are 10 awesome facts straight from Asgard!

Fact 1: In Norse mythology, Loki is the god of mischief who often caused a lot of trouble for the other gods. Although he loved to play tricks on them, he was clever and brave, and often used his cunning to help others and save Asgard. He serves as companion to Thor and Odin, and had the ability to disguise himself into any person, animal, and inanimate object!

Fact 2: Loki was known by several names. Not only was he revered as the Agardian god of mischief, madness, and evil, but he was also known as the god of fire and the trickster god. He was born as Loki Laufeyson in Jotunheim, Asgard.

Fact 3: In the creation of Asgard, Loki offered to help Odion build one of the nine realms of the god by enlisting the help of a giant. The giant, sure of himself, said that he could build Asgard in a year, and in exchange for his labor wanted the sun, stars, and Freyja, wife of Odin. The gods laughed at this and were sure he couldn’t possible build an entire world in only a year. The deal was made and to the gods’ horror, the giant owned an incredibly strong stallion that helped him build the universe. They were close to finishing Asgard before the deadline. Loki disguised himself as a mare to lead the stallion away, preventing the giant from winning the wager.

Fact 4: The legendary stallion that created Asgard was called Svadilfari, and when Loki lured him off while he took the form of a mare, he bore his son Sleipnir. A powerful stallion born with eight legs, he gave him as a gift to his father Odin. Other offspring that Loki has had include the wolf Fenrir, the serpent Jormungand, and a supernatural being named Hel, who went on to become the goddess of death.

Fact 5: Aside from a mare, Loki was known to have shape shifted into a fish, a fly, an elderly woman, the Scarlet Witch, the Gem-Keeper, Walter Lawson, Lester, Loren Olsen, Tyfon, Father Williams, Willie, Tso Zhung, and even Satan.

Fact 6: Our favorite Norse super villain is portrayed by British actor Tom Hiddleston in the Marvel hit film Thor. The story line has Thor banished to Earth for his arrogance, while Loki comes to terms with the discovery he is Laufey’s son all along. Plotting to seize the throne and the power he has wanted all along, he forms an alliance with the frost giants to take over Asgard and kill Odin. However, it is discovered that this was a ploy in order to defeat Laufey and earn his adoptive father’s approval. When rejected, Loki allows himself to fall into an abyss created during the battle.

Fact 7: There is a 1,000 year old stone that was unearthed in Denmark during the 1950s that had the face of Loki carved onto it. Apart from this discovery, there also appears to be his images plastered against a 10th century stone cross that can be found in St. Stephen’s Church in Cumbria.

Fact 8: Loki was the son of a giant and a giantess, cast away and sneered upon because of his miniscule size. Having a son that was only as large as a human in the realm of giants was the biggest insult for the ruler of giants, and so Laufey, the sworn enemy of the Asgardians, kept him hidden. When Odin defeated him, he adopted Loki and raised him alongside his son Thor.

Fact 9: It’s almost a complete shock to know that someone the likes of Loki would end up with someone like Sygin. She is, in all aspects, the sweetest, gentle, and most loyal of all women. She loved Loki with all her heart and bore him two sons, Vali and Nari. Despite their happy marriage Loki went on to father more offspring with other women, such as a troll and a giant.

Fact 10: Loki’s character transitions from one that is good and pure and riddled with mischief, to one that is consumed with chaos and evil. His rocky past, immense jealousy of Thor, and his adoptive father’s distrust and favoritism over Thor led him over the edge and has made him into the Norse super villian we just hate to love.

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