The Achievements of Shel Silverstein Entertaining the World at Large

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Shel Silverstein is an avant-garde play writer and he has presented the mass with some of his most exemplary literary creations. It is fairly interesting to know that the man began writing when he was only twelve. He imitated no one and maintained an absolutely authentic form of writing. Shel Silverstein has wonderful character traits. His assuming of different roles in life is for sure commendable. In the year 1950 he joined the armed forces and he had a major role to play in the Korean War.

Drawing the Lines of Silverstein’s Character

  • You would be quite glad to know that while leading the life of a soldier Silverstein even worked as a cartoonist for a company called ‘œPacific Stars and Stripes’. This was a military form of publication. After completing his tenure of military performance Silverstein got the job of a staff cartoonist in connection to ‘œPlayboy’ and this happened in the year 1956.

  • Shel Silverstein was even a renowned poet. The lists of his well known poems include The Winner, The Smoke-Off, Rosalie’s Good Eats Café and the rest. In fact, his talent as a poet can never be denied.  

  • Shel Silverstein also gained name and fame as a dialogue writer. He used to writing dialogues for late stage shows and this made him all the more eminent among the audience.

  • Shel Silverstein as a creator and the writer started writing various plays from the year 1981. ‘œThe Lady or the Tiger Show’ is one of the most estimated scripts being written by him. This was the most famous one act play being shown for the first time in New York City. This is a popular game show satire. As a part of the game a participant has to select between two doors. If luck favours there would be a beautiful woman standing behind one. On the adverse side you can even have a tiger waiting for you behind the other door.

  • The creator, writer and organizer also had great passion for folk and local music. He started nurturing the likeness from the year 1960. In the context he even worked as a lyricist and in the year 1969 he composed a song called ‘œA Boy Named Sue’ and this became quite famous on the lips of Johnny Cash.

  • Under the influence of his illustrator named Tomi Ungere, Silverstein also started writing for the children. His book for the children with the name of “The Giving Tree,’ received publication and plenty of appreciation in the year 1964.

  • In the year 1974 he received the most acclaimed honour of New York Times Outstanding Book Award.

  • In 1981 Shel Silverstein was felicitated with the prestige of Michigan Young Readers’ Award and the year 1984 is marked for the receiving of George G. Stone Award.

  • His innovative attempts went on further with the publication of the collection of drawings and poems and his book got the name of ‘œA Light in the Attic’. The publication took place in the year 1981 and received the reputation of Best Books, School Library Journal.

  • During his lifetime he had a proud collaboration with David Mamet and this happened on the screenplay of ‘œThings Change’ the Columbia Pictures film in the year 1988.

The contribution and achievement of Shel Silverstein in the genre of film, music, literature and the rest is undoubtedly worth remembrance. His style of working is unique and we salute the talent for being able to entertain the greater mass with words, melodies and thoughts.

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