Ten Mind-busting Facts About Weight loss

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1. Weight loss is a preventive measure to multiple kinds of diseases.
• Being overweight puts you at risk of some potentially serious health issues.
• Diabetes, heart diseases and stroke is strongly linked to obesity.
• Aside from boosting self confidence, helping you feel and look better, attaining and maintaining a healthy weight is vital for overall health

2. Weight loss can be interrupted by stress.
• Stress is a shadow of life brought about by unpleasant event from unavoidable circumstances.
• Regardless of how great life’s demand is, people do develop strategies and method to overcome stress.
• During period of stress, there are physiological happenings inside the body
• The adrenal gland is the frontline responder to stress which when exhausted and overworked, the body compensate by increasing the hormones that trigger cravings.
• This hormonal cycle during periods of stress that affects many functions in the body including inefficient metabolism or burning of calories and storage of fats.

3. To lose weight means to burn more.
• A well balanced ratio of caloric consumption to expenditure is one of the factors for a successful weight loss.
• Calories are the source of energy to keep someone get going, but the more calories we eat the more we should spend them off, otherwise it will be stored as fats.

4. Sleep contributes to weight loss.
• A good sleep means having about seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, less that that favors your fat cells.
• Your eating habit can be detailed out from the sleep you had last night or on previous night.
• Study shows that sleep deprived peopled tend to be significantly hungry as a result of hormonal upset, thus they eat more.

5. Weight loss can be unintentional.
• While most people are struggling to lose weight, some may lose weight without even trying.
• This is classified as unexplained weight loss with possible underlying cause.
• Factors to consider when experiencing this particular issue:
o Cancer
o Feeling depressed
o Chronic illness
• It is recommended to see a doctor for further evaluation.

6. Weight loss can be caused by overactive thyroid gland.
• The thyroid gland produces the hormone thyroxine which is responsible for the body’s basal metabolic rate.
• Hyperthyroidism is a condition wherein the thyroid gland produces too much thyroxine that causes a significant acceleration of the body’s metabolism leading to weight loss.
• Anti-thyroid medications are widely used for treatment and management of such condition.
7. Weight loss among older adults is a central component of debility.
• Evidences from different studies prove that weight loss in elders account for an increase in mortality and functional deterioration.
• Some causes of weight loss in older persons:
o Loss of appetite
o Dehydration
o Sarcopenia (loss of muscle tissue as part of the aging process).

8. A balanced nutrition promotes weight loss.
• Crash dieting, starving or ‘yoyo’ diet will not definitely bring about weight loss, rather just conditioning your body to double its size when chances permit.
• Choosing healthy and nutritious food is so simple, but implementing it is a different thing, not easy but it is the best way to losing weight at the same time maintaining it.
• Learn to incorporate in your diet plan the major food groups (balanced diet) that promotes a healthy weight loss:
o Proteins
o Good fats
o Carbohydrates
o Micronutrients

9. Weight loss is hindered by genetic factors.
• While most of the factors that may contribute to weight loss and is highly modifiable, there is unfortunately one single hurdle to achieving your goal, your genes.
• There are weight loss programs available around (try surfing the net) specifically addressing this concern which is worth a try if your superb efforts and struggle to shed extra pounds is hopelessly not working.

10. Achieving weight loss takes an empowered mind to succeed.
• It’s a reality every women (even men) face that keeping weight under control is much harder than anyone could imagine, but with a positive outlook and one’s determination by putting a lot of extra effort to reach a remarkable outcome is just within your reach.

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