Ten interesting facts about “Plato The Philosopher”

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Plato was one of the great Athenian philosopher and advocator of entire western thought and ideologies. He was born around 428 B.C.E. in Athens and died in 348 B.C.E. in Athens itself. His parents were Pericitione and Ariston from a very wealthy family of Athens which helps him to get education from many reputed teachers of his times. He was the disciple of famous philosopher Socrates and as a true disciple he carried forward all the doctrines of Socrates as well as he himself explored new theories in almost all the areas related to human welfare. His writings are valuable source to understand the true meaning of truth, wisdom, justice, equality, politics, philosophy, cosmology, aesthetics, epistemology, metaphysics etc. So here, let’s start with finding some interesting and lesser known facts about Plato’s life.

 #. It is very amazing to know that Plato’s real name was Aristocles, his father’s name was Ariston, his dearest pupil’s name was Aristotle and even his wrestling coach name was Ariston, almost all the names are alike. (history.com)

 #. Plato is the nickname given to Aristocles due to his broad shoulders as in Greek culture Plato means wide or broad and interesting thing is this nobody knows him by his actual name, his nickname got so popular that it became his identity. (ask.com)

 #. Plato was the true disciple of Socrates and after the execution of Socrates in 399 B.C.E. for corrupting the youth of Athens, for almost a span of 12 years Plato was travelling to the different corners of the world especially southern Itlay, Sicily and Egypt exploring new cultures and learning mathematics and other arts with the followers of  Pythagoras. (biography. com)

 #. In 387 Plato founded his education academy outside the city walls of Athens to teach what is known to him and the academy was operated till 529 C.E. According to historians Plato’s education academy was the first proper European university on earth. (history.com)

 #. Except being a philosopher Plato was also a wrestler and playwright. Even today he is regarded as one of the greatest writer of literature and his innovative thoughts led to a new school “Platonism”. (biography.com)

 #. Plato and his disciple Aristotle both took the training of painting from the world famous painter Raphael together in “The School of Athens” but when it comes to their thought process many times Aristotle contradict his tutor. (platophilosophymrj.blogspot.com)

 #. Plato served his country as a soldier in the Peloponnesian War against Sparta for a brief span of time from 409 B.C.E. to 404 B.C.E. though Athens lost the war. (biography.com)

 #. A famous quote was written at the entrance gate of Plato’s academy “let the none has not learned geometry enter here”. Plato’s vision of academy was to provide a better place for learning. After Plato’s death his students preserved his precious teachings. (historyforkids.com)

 #. Plato’s writings are only the single and authentic source which gives insight in to the life and vision of Socrates. “The Apology of Socrates” is one of those works by Plato which describes the charges against Socrates and his defense of it. Not only this work but most of the works produced by Plato are having the influence of Socrates. (history.com)

 #. Plato was a versatile genius and according to source Plato wrote 35 dialogues and thirteen letters. He started writing “Dialogues” at the age of 40 because he thought it will help him to understand individual subject and another interesting fact about his “dialogues” are, he presented his real siblings and parents as the fictitious characters to advocate his views. (History.com)

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