Ten Important Facts That Make Introverts Interesting People

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There are several cases in which introverts are judged about their personalities because of their attitudes toward others and the actual manner of connecting with individuals surrounding them. More often than not, some are even labeled as having social issues especially in the way they establish relationships while keeping themselves solidly contained and controlled. Listed here are ten of the most important facts that could change the ideas of people with regards to the realities behind the attitudes of introverts and how they should be viewed accordingly by the individuals surrounding them.

  1. Introverts may be loners not because they hate others, but because they simply work better when they are alone. While working alone for some might be quite lonely, for introverts it is a gift because it is the best time for them to be themselves, to offer what they can give, and not be controlled by others.
  2. Introverts are usually quiet, but this does not mean they have nothing to say. Just because introverts do not speak too much, this doesn’t mean they know nothing or that they simply have nothing to say. Most of the time, introverts are quiet because they prefer listening and understanding matters around them through the information they get from others. When they speak, they make sure they make sense or that they make a mark on the ones listening to them.
  3. Introverts enjoy a distinct amount of time being alone, but this does not mean they do not want to spend time with others. Everybody needs to be alone sometimes to keep their sanity intact. For introverts, this is a necessity, one thing they need to be able to survive a day.
  4. Introverts often choose who they connect with very closely. They don’t necessarily judge people. But introverts often choose who they connect with because they want to avoid being judged and end up hating the relationships they form with their peers or with people surrounding them.
  5. Rainy days are a blessing to introverts. Introverts often find every reason possible to stay home  but not because they are slackers. They find themselves more productive when they work on their own or when they are relaxed to be just who they are without the need of pleasing anyone else. Rainy days are often a distinct release from the many pressuring days of their daily habits.
  6. A trip alone to a new place where no one known is available is more of an exciting adventure than a scary experience. The need to be alone need not make introverts unexciting. The fact is  that they want to control matters based on what they want; they are able to extend their opportunities and the opened possibilities to explore the different prospects to add to their experiences.
  7. Space is a healthy manner for introverts to establish good relationships. Introverts are good relationship keepers, especially when they are given proper space to grow on their own and to be able to share themselves with others. This is the reason why introverts and extroverts have no reason to be incompatible at any point; with good adjustments, an introvert and extrovert  could find themselves to be a perfect match for each other.
  8. Silence is a necessary part of every day. When there is nothing left to say, introverts often create a more distinct use of their time thinking and observing matters, which later on allows them to create new ideas and give in to the desire of creating something new. This includes making good decisions that could turn their lives around.
  9. Introverts love working behind the scenes. When projects are created, introverts often want to be the ones to work on the direction of the projects, making it easier for them to share their talents and skills to empower others in a team.
  10. Introverts find open and free time for themselves to be more productive. When given open or free time, introverts find it effective to actually think of something to do, something that would prove their worth not only as an achiever but as a person.

True, introverts may seem somewhat odd to others. Nonetheless, if their attitudes are examined carefully, they are likely some of the most interesting individuals that one could meet. They can provide  inspiration because they think deep, and they work with high regard for excellence. Given the chance to be managed and assisted effectively, introverts could provide the most productive contribution towards the development of anything in business, in school, or in any particular type of operation.

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