Ten Impeccable Facts About Surgeons

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1. Surgeons go through superb education and a long way journey of extensive training.
• Surgeons earn their medical degree from accredited school of medicine and acquired their licenses which are bound and regulated by governing laws in each jurisdiction.
• They offer services to patients who may need operations, so there is no room for mistakes as they are dealing with human body literally.
• Performs invasive procedures for medical treatment or other purposes
• Dentist, podiatrist and veterinarians are some of surgeon on specific specialties.

2. Surgeons are believed to practice surgery as early as 1600 BC.
• A primitive form of surgery was practiced by Egyptians doing simple incisions to drain abscess.
• Dental surgery was a common practice during those ancient times.

3. Meet Doctor Abu al-Qasim Halaf ibn al-Abbas Al-Zahwari.
• He is an Arab Muslim physician (known in the west as Abulcasis) is considered to be the father of surgery who is the pioneer and founder of modern medical and surgical instruments.

4. Surgeons work with a team.
• They consult with other physicians and make referrals as necessary before coming up with a final decision for operation.
• The decision should basically consider patient’s health, safety and welfare.
• They cannot complete a certain operation alone.
• The surgical team is composed of the surgeon’s assistant (another surgeon), anesthesiologist and operating room nurse.

5. Surgeons have a great challenging career.
• A strong interest and desire in this kind of profession are all what it takes.
• Surgeon programs usually take several years of medical practice and able to meet a set of strict criteria to become surgeons entitling them for their initial surgical procedure.
• Furthermore, alongside of holding the title of being surgeon is the possession of a remarkable practical skill.
• Surgeons do have difficult career but is also rewarding.

6. Surgeons are expected to work on high professional standards.
• Patient’s life are entrusted to doctors this is why a surgeon should take commitment in the care of their patients by building and promoting patient’s trust and confidence.
• Surgeons are one of the busiest persons in a multifaceted setting (eg. Hospital and community).

7. Surgeons work under pressure to make a quick and accurate decision in crises situations.
• Surgeons are usually the first line doctors in emergency situation such as traumatic injury.
• They also study the case to take a course of action for their patient’s condition.
• They tend to spend more hours working than other physicians in hospital setting

8. Surgeons are celebrities’ best friends.
• Maintaining a youthful and beautiful face and body which are almost close to perfect are few of the things that celebrities should posses being a public figure.
• This is made possible through reconstruction and repair of body parts by plastic surgery (cosmetic surgery) performed by surgeons.

9. Surgeons can be exposed to diverse range in the field of medicine.
• They can opt to put their education in different settings for valuable use.
• This includes medical research which allows them to take part for advancement in medicine by conducting clinical trials and investigations.
• They can be a part of scientific discoveries and breakthrough.
• Another is academic medicine which focuses on teaching medical students and residents.

10. Surgeons are guided by medical code of ethics.
• Surgeon-patient relationship is covered by a contract of confidentiality and trust. A breech of this poses a serious consequence on the doctor’s career and so with the patient’s reputation
• The codes of professionalism for surgeons define the honorable behaviors of surgeons in the practice of their profession.
• Deeds and actions of surgeons are expected to meet compliance with these established principles.

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