Ten Flabbergasting Facts About Endocrine System

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1. Endocrine system is an information signal system.
• Organs in the body communicate through chemicals in the form of hormones.
• These hormones act as messengers in conveying information and instruction that is happening inside the body
• Each hormones produced is by ductless glands secreted directly into the bloodstream and geared towards certain organs and tissues which is vital for its normal functioning.

2. Endocrine system is composed of eight major glands.
• Endocrine came from the Greek word “endo” within “cinis” secrete.
• The accumulated critical task of hormone-releasing functions of these glands makes up the endocrine system.
• Almost every single cell, tissues and organs are influenced by these secretions.

3. Not all hormones are produced by the endocrine system.
• Endocrine system releases number of hormones and some are not from the organs of the endocrine system.
• The placenta of pregnant women secretes hormones for the nourishment of her baby.
• Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone specific and exclusive only in pregnancy which is at its peak level during the first trimester.
• This is also the cause of morning sickness experienced by pregnant women.
• it is highly traceable in urine and can be use as test to rule out pregnancy,

4. Endocrine system hormones medical property existed 2000 years ago.
• It was greatly utilized by traditional Chinese healers through extraction of sex hormones from human urine using chemical compounds derived from plants.
• They were able to come up with extracts for medicinal purposes.

5. Endocrine system regulates your bone.
• Bones has a number of mechanical and physiological functions.
• The process of bone growth and remodeling is controlled by biological controls in a constant cycle.
• Hormonal regulation of calcium (nutrients of the bone) is essential for the development of bone mass and distribution.

6. Endocrine system regulates blood sugar.
• Pancreatic endocrine hormones maintain a certain range of blood glucose needed by the body.
• Glucagon and insulin are the two hormones for blood glucose control. An altered level of either of the two may certainly evoke undesirable result.

7. Endocrine system can be influenced by stress.
• As a result of unpleasant situations, (physical or mental stressors) the body tends to response by secreting various hormones at an abnormally high level as an adaptive mechanism.
• Have you heard about the term “adrenaline rush”?
• It is a descriptive word for a sudden discharge of energy in a verge of emergency.
• This is a type of complex stress response by the body to compensate from the environmental stressor and adapt into it.

8. Endocrine system can be stirred by genetics.
• Genes are contained in chromosomes which are basically hereditary information carriers.
• An extra, missing or altered chromosome affects hormone production as well as function.
• Furthermore, when passed from parent to child may result in birth defects (congenital anomaly) or abnormalities.

9. Endocrine system shape up your sexual functioning.
• Nosedive effects of sex hormones are mostly seen in the ageing population.
• In men, testosterone production decreases significantly.
• In women, their ovaries stop making eggs during menopause causes low estrogen level.
• Abnormal levels of these hormones may tend to change sexual responses or decrease interests in sex.

10. Endocrine system has a renowned role in human behavior.
• Control and coordination throughout the body is anatomized through one’s behavior which is controlled by the nervous system.
• Nervous and endocrine systems are two different entities but human reflexes and behavioral expressions involve them both.

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