Ten Facts About Samsung S6

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If god created us, he would at awe by his creation’s achievements at every other moment. Similarly, Alexander Graham Bell would be flabbergasted at what mankind has done to his invention. Of course, he would be glad. But the staggering pace at which new phones land up for grabs indeed shows that the foundation that Bell created left enough flexibility for man to find lilliputian ways to keep the conversation on, apart from doing everything else from WhatsApp to videos games, to watching films, to capturing photos, to what not. A lot of credit should go to companies like Apple and Samsung for making the phone a gadget that it has become these days. And the world is just lapping every phone that they launch. Samsung Galaxy S6 in one. $35,600 was the result of a bidding war on eBay for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Ironman limited edition. It remains surprising, when there are several options now listed for a modest amount. But then, that is the craze of being the early owner of a Samsung S6. Here are some facts that you should know about the model from the South Korean multinational conglomerate.

Fact 1: ‘Project Zero’ was the code name given to GS6. The logic being that the device was to be built from scratch. Samsung is known to use such code names while building its smartphones. Galaxy S5 was given the name Project K and the staff knew Galaxy Note 4 as Project T.

Fact 2: In a April 2015 review, The Guardian had dubbed the GS6 as the ‘iPhone killer’. According to a new research note – May 2015 – from the investment bank, Oppenheimer, ‘the shipments of the Galaxy S6 are down, while the iPhone soars to unprecedented heights’. The Korean news outlet Yonhap News Agency concurred and reported that ‘the device had seen 10 million shipments by May 2015 whilst the S5 shipped 11 million units in the same time frame a year ago’.

Fact 3: Exynos is the processor used in the Galaxy S6 line. It is used in the US, European and UK versions.

Fact 4: Galaxy S6 is the first phone from Samsung made from ground-up using industrial and material design. It has a unibody design and one cannot find any screws or seams.

Fact 5: Wireless charging is supported by both GS6 smartphones. But according to user reviews, it takes longer than the power cable method.

Fact 6: GS6 has two power saving modes enabling an extended life of the battery. The iPhone6 lacks this feature.

Fact 7: The screen of the GS6 is considered to be the most ‘pixel-dense’. The quad HD resolution has a density of 577 pixels per inch compared to that of 401 pixels per inch in the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Fact 8: The devices support Samsung Pay through which one can pay by waving the smartphone near the register. The concept has been woven in after Samsung purchased a company called LoopPay in February.

Fact 9: The display of GS6 Edge’s curves on both sides, which makes it a unique design thus far. But only one edge can be used to utilize the features of the phone – either the left or the right.

Fact 10: In China, Qing Ming Festival is when people honor their ancestors by sweeping graves and burning paper offerings. According to a Bloomberg report, ‘some of those offerings were pretty high-tech’, especially the GS6. And that is for afterlife.

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