Ten Facts About Luxembourg That Make It a Unique European Country

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There is more to Luxembourg than meets the eye. Although it is a small independent nation, fantastic things abound there. Discover the facts that make Luxembourg stand out in Europe. Discover good things in your next holiday getaway in this charming European country. Read on as you pack your bags in preparation for your upcoming trip to Luxembourg. You’ll remember every single moment of your journey long after it’s over.

Luxembourg Has a Small-Sized Population

Serenity is the first thing that’ll surround you when you first visit Luxembourg. Since the country has a small population, it is usually quiet out and about in the country. Luxembourg has the lowest  population in the European Union. As of this date, the country has a total of 465,000 dwellers according to Eupedia.com.

If you’d like to experience peace and quiet while on your getaway, then Luxembourg is the place to be. Relax and meditate outdoors in public parks in this side of Europe. Indulge in the fresh air that surrounds you as you do so time and time again. You’ll calm your senses in no time before you know it.

Parliamentary Government Rules in Luxembourg

You never have to worry about putting your welfare on the line in Luxembourg. The country’s parliamentary government ensures strict laws are imposed and complied with in the country. Feel free to roam around the country without fear of compromising your safety. After all, you need to prioritize your security before anything else as a tourist.

Luxembourgers Are Friendly But Are Slightly Reserved

As a tourist, you won’t need to worry that Luxembourgers will invade your privacy. Rest assured that these friendly but slightly reserved people know not to cross personal boundaries.

Luxembourg’s Crime Rate Is at the Lowest in Europe

Fair governmental rule in Luxembourg goes a long way in crippling crime occurrence and escalation. You’ll notice right away that the crime rate in the country is one of the lowest in Europe.

 Luxembourg’s GDP Is the World’s Highest

Luxembourg’s economy is at a skyrocket high. As indicated in Eupedia.com, the country’s GDP,  gross domestic product, is the world’s highest. According to Eupedia, Luxembourg’s “GDP per capita was almost three times higher than the EU average.” The good performing economy shows tourists they can only expect the best of the best leisure-wise that Luxembourg has to offer.

There Are Multiple High-Paying Career Opportunities Available in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s legal income is Europe’s highest. Additionally, the country’s labor wage is the second highest next to Australia.

It’s Easy to Transact Incidental Businesses in Luxembourg

Transacting any incidental businesses is easy in Luxembourg. Get your business activities up and running while on vacation if you’re a busy professional or entrepreneur. As indicated in Eupedia.com, Amazon, Rakuten, Paypal, and Rovi Corporation maintain their head offices in Europe in Luxembourg.

Telephone Communication Is Made Easier in Luxembourg Than in Any Part of Europe

According to Express UK, Luxembourg’s telephone lines outnumber the country’s total population. Luxembourg visitors can easily access telephones whenever they need to do so for emergency and personal purposes. This makes life easy for visitors away from home while on temporary stays in the country.

English Is Spoken in Most Parts of Luxembourg

Unlike many non-English speaking countries in Europe, English is spoken in most parts of Luxembourg. Whether you’re on a holiday or business vacation, you’ll never have communication problems in Luxembourg.

Retail Goods and Services Are Tax-Free

Retail goods and services in Luxembourg are tax-free. This means you’ll enjoy more shopping privileges in the country for less while making the most out of your visit.

These interesting facts about Luxembourg are more than enough to entice and invite. You know you’re in for a unique getaway in this tranquil nation in Europe, sooner rather than later.

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