Ten Enticing Facts About Siamese Cats

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1. Siamese cats were first officially exported from Thailand in the late 1800s.
• Back then, they were known as ‘siam’ and considered sacred serving as guardians of temple.
• The meaning of their name in Thai is ‘moon diamond’.
• They gained popularity in Europe and North America in the twentieth century.

2. Siamese exceptionally sophisticated breed of cat.
• This feline breed has aristocratic attributes having slim body figure accentuated by fine short silky coats in traditional colors easily captivates attention of animal lovers.
• They are considered to be the world’s most recognizable breeds of cat.

3. Siamese cats are trainable.
• They have distinct attributes that resembles with that of a dog.
• They are remarkably intelligent and can learn simple tricks.
• In fact, they can even appreciate praise from their owner.
• They are also energetic and love to interact with human as well as other cats.

4. Siamese cat pregnancy has a sixty five day period.
• Noticeable signs of pregnancy are obvious as early as 3 weeks.
• The cat’s nipples may appear swollen and becomes pink in color.
• An average of nine to ten weeks is the normal gestation period of Siamese cats. In some cases it may extend up to seventy to seventy three days.
• Most feline breeds can deliver their kittens without assistance.

5. Siamese cats are lactose intolerant.
• Lactose found in dairy products and milk might cause diarrhea or bloating due to inability to digest lactose.
• Although cats love milk, it is not necessarily part of Siamese cat’s diet after weaning. Cat food and water is a viable alternative.

6. Siamese cats have blue eyes.
• A form of albinism is caused by the genetic allele that Siamese carry. Though don’t get confused, Siamese cats though are not albinos.
• In most cats, layers of their eyes are composed of pigmented layer which is absent in Siamese cats.

7. Siamese cats have a high mortality and morbidity rate.
• They definitely don’t have nine lives.
• Some pet owners do allow their cats to stay outdoors freely as most cats are able to return home by themselves.
• Death and injury of cats are associated with accidents along the road or gruesome acts of abusive children and even adults.
• The average life span of Siamese is fifteen years.

8. Siamese cats doesn’t need bathing is a myth.
• Occasional bath is indicated as needed and doesn’t need to be done regularly because over bathing of your pet will dry out the texture of its fur.
• It is done only to keep the cats well groomed and neat when it gets messy
• Unlike other breeds of cat like Persian cats, Siamese don’t need extensive grooming as it may cause harm to them.
• In addition, tooth brushing may sound a bit silly but it helps prevent oral disease.

9. Declawing is part of your pet’s grooming.
• This procedure will actually hurt your cat and is considered a controversial procedure. Though trimming your pet’s claws will spare your couch (from the cat’s kneading – a term used to describe the scratching behavior by alternating their paws on something soft) it is not actually recommended as it may harm the cat.
• Instead, appropriate training is a great alternative to address this behavior.

10. Siamese cats are vocal to communicate their demands.
• They tend to behave and convey their feelings to human in so many ways, but Siamese cats are more vocal than other breeds.
• They are famous with the nickname ‘meezers’.
• The way Siamese meows can be heard amusingly turning out like a form of an art, a narrative form of meowing as if they are telling something.

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