Ten Elucidative Facts About Congo

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1. Congo, also known as Republic of Congo.
• Congo is located in West Central Africa, northeast of Angola.
• The territory is capped mainly by tropical rain forest which serves as one of the main economic activity in Congo, the forestry industry.
• Tracing back from the pre-colonial Congo history, it was originally dominated by three kingdoms: Kongo, Loango and Tio.
• Fifty percent of Congo natives reside in urban areas having about fifteen ethnic groups and further subdivided into several smaller groups.

2. Congo was a Belgian colony.
• Back in 1908, it was established as an official Belgian colony.
• Congo tribes were instruments of slave trade by Portuguese discovery of the Congo River where commerce begun in the year 1482.
• Exploitation of the Congo natives continued until early to mid-1900s and eventually proclaimed its independence in the year 1960, thus emergence of the Republic of Congo.

3. Congo showcases a very rich culture.
• The wonderful people of Congo have a lot of culture to share the whole world.
• Their traditional dishes, enticing visual artworks and cultural dances are among the preserved cultures that Congolese are most proud of.

4. Congo is an urbanized country in Africa.
• Following independence, corruption had begun causing the country’s economic instability.
• Economic decline had compromised Congo’s wealth and dramatically increases the external debts.
• It was indeed a great challenge for the people of Congo. Nevertheless, there are obvious improvements in the country’s infrastructure levels as a reflection of urbanization of Congo.
• Furthermore, Congo serves as the commercial spot of Africa’s trade and industry.

5. The government of Congo obliged its citizens for voluntary and compulsory military service.
• The country’s conscription for civilian service is set by the government.
• Eighteen to forty five years old is the required entry to deliberately serve their country through volitional provision of military service.

6. Fifty percent of Congo people are Roman Catholics.
• The Catholic Church existing in the Republic of Congo is part of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide.
• It is composed of six ecclesiastical provinces and forty dioceses.
• Some religions like Protestants, Kimbanguist and Muslim also do exist in Congo.

7. Official language spoken in Congo is French.
• Yes, Africans can speak in French.
• It was originated in the upper Congo River then spreads to the middle area of the country.
• Other African languages are also widely spoken like Kituba and Lingala (the two national languages), Mboshi, Bateke, Pygmy languages and many more indigenous language

8. Congo is rich in Petroleum.
• Petroleum production is one of the main economic activities in Congo. In fact, it earned its rank as one among the top exporters of oil in Africa.
• Government revenues and shares are mainly directed to exporting and trade of petroleum products to its major trading partners like the United States, France and China.
• It has been discovered that resource-rich Congo can produce twenty five thousand barrels of oil per day (both from onshore and offshore regions) and has the potential to help relieve extreme poverty of the nation.

9. Degree of major infectious diseases in Congo is very high.
• These diseases ranges from food or water borne diseases, water contact and animal contact diseases. Adding on the high prevalence of Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).
• These are the reasons why life expectancy is quite low; 55 years in male and 58 years in females.
• It may seem restricted that raising of livestock cattle and fish due to the high prevalence of several infectious diseases.

10. Nutritional deficiency is one of Congo’s main health-related concerns.
• Chronic malnutrition is largely prevalent in most areas manifested by stunted growth among preschool children.
• Child mortality rate is a disconcerting issue in Congo due to poor access of health services and deprived with good living conditions.

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