Some unknown facts about UTEP

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University of Texas, located at El Paso, more commonly known as UTEP is one of USA’s leading universities in the field of engineering and research for the Hispanic community in the country. The university shall be completing its 100th year and celebrates a century of public higher education in Texas that continues to develop and improve with each passing year. The official name of the University of Texas, El Paso was given to it on March 13th, 1967.

Some of the well known facts about UTEP are:

The Washington Monthly magazine ranked UTEP as the 7th best university in the USA in 2013 on the basis of research and service and excellence in social mobility. Close competitors sharing ranks 6th and 8th were Stanford and Harvard respectively. Moreover, in helping students achieve their dreams and professional goals, UTEP was ranked as number 1.

UTEP offers numerous degree programmes that include 71 bachelors’ degrees, 76 masters’ degrees and 20 doctoral degrees, all which are backed up by outstanding faculty members to guide and help students throughout the entire study process.

In 1914, the department of Mines and Metallurgy was introduced at UTEP. Considering the ideal geographical location of the US-Mexico border, students pursued their goals in mining and metallurgy with success and have helped the university since then to grow into the largest binational communities in the world.

The number of mining students enrolling each year continues to increase rapidly at UTEP. Year 2013 saw the enrolment of about 23000 mining students enrolling in doctoral, graduate and undergraduate programmes. When the programme was first launched, only a mere 27 students were enrolled in the same. It has come a long way since then.

The College of Mines as it is called when it started, consists of a dormitory with 25 rooms for students and has its main building at Fort Bliss.

UTEP continues to strive in the field of research, spending about 80 million dollars each year in research alone. It aims to become the first national research university in the student demographics of the 21st century.

UTEP’s upgradation as a public research university would benefit enrolled and prospective students to a great extent. It would help the state economy and at the same time open up a plethora of research opportunities for its undergraduate and graduate students.

The current Memorial Gym at the University of Texas was originally a horse stable where rodeos for students were commonly conducted in the past.

UTEP’s original school colours were orange and white. It reflected the close association of El Paso with Austin in Texas. Blue was added much later in the 1980s by a student vote.

The 100th commencement address in 1998 at UTEP was made by the then governor of Texas, President George W. Bush.

The University has its own share of haunted stories revolving around the campus. Buildings like the Cotton Memorial and Seamon Hall have been reported to be haunted by spirits.

An initiative made by President John F. Kennedy was the Peace Corps Training Programme in 1961. UTEP was the first university in the country to graduate its students under this programme.

Clyde was the first student in 1966 that dressed up as a prospector leading burro and became the mascot for the University.

The University of Texas, El Pasco is a beacon of development in the educational sector of the USA with its emphasis on holistic learning and a student friendly outlook.

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