Some Interesting Facts about the VW Beetles

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VW Beetle was known as the ‘˜people’s car’ and manufactured with the objective of serving utility purposes during and post the World War II. The car is said to have been formulated by the wishes of Adolf Hitler.

Here are some facts about one of the cutest cars in the world.

Hitler is said to have initially contacted Ferdinand Porsche for manufacturing the car thought of by him; a car that would be capable of accommodating 2 adults and 3 children and also be able to run at a speed of 100 km/hr. He wanted it to be affordable to the people as well.

The Volkswagen Beetle has always been a subject of interest for researchers. Some research books date back to as old as the 1960s which led to its growing popularity in the next two decades.

The first prototype of the Volkswagen Beetle was named as Kraft-durch Freude which means ‘˜strength through joy’. The car’s first official appearance was in 1932. However it only came to be popular since 1936.

Volkswagen cars are said to be the fastest moving cars. It sells under the Bugatti banner.It ranks among one of the top 10 all-time best selling cars. Other cars from the same maker include the Passat and the Golf.

The Beetle’s manufacturing spanned over a whopping 65 years; from 1938 to 2003. Most car manufacturers are known to change, upgrade or stop manufacturing different car models from time to time but this has not been the case for the VW Beetles.

The VW Beetle has also been a subject of interest and topic of popular discussion in relation to popular culture. Movies like the Transformers, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and sci-fi movie The Arrival has featured the Beetle.

Herbie, one of the anthropomorphic models of the VW Beetle is said to have been featured in 6 different movies, the most famous being a character in the Disney Motion Pictures in 1969, The Love Bug.Four other films were made where Herbie was the star attraction. In each of these motion pictures, Herbie is a car with a mind of its own and can also drive himself about.

Statistics reveal that a total of about 20.9 million Volkswagen Beetles have been manufactured till date.

Two shells belonging to the last German made Beetle is said to reside in the Milton-Keynes parts store belonging to Volkswagen. The parts remain preserved in wax.

In 1960s, the VW Beetle’s ad that was released based on a funeral, made the viewers’ connect with it emotionally and had a great impact on potential buyers. Sales however declined in the 70s with increasing competition from rival manufacturers.

The advertisements campaigns that have been released over the decades is said to be the most successful and makes people relate to them; some of them are trend-setting and draw relations to pop culture too. As a car too, it has proved its worth with quality designs and built along with reliable and safe performances on road. The most recent campaigns of VW emphasising on the environmental aspect and employing sustainable manufacturing methods have also helped create a good impression in the minds of people.

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