Some Interesting Facts About Cameroon

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Fact 1: The first European country to explore Cameroon was the Portuguese. Very little was known about Cameroon before the Portuguese came.

Fact 2: Cameroon is a Portuguese word which means River of Pawn.

Fact 3: Cameroon is twice the size of the United Kingdom.

Fact 4: The capital city of Cameroon is Yaounde.

Fact 5: The largest city and the commercial capital of Cameroon is Douala, also having the largest port.

Fact 6: The country’s tri-colored flag symbolizes green for vegetation, red for independence, also having a five-pointed golden star in it and yellow for sunshine.

Fact 7: English and French are its official languages, besides which Cameroon is also the home of 230 other African native languages.

Fact 8: About 30% of the total population has earnings of $1.25 per day.

Fact 9: With an annual rainfall of about 1028 cm, Cameroon is one of the wettest lands on earth.

Fact 10: Debuncha, which is at the foot of the Cameroon Mountains records and annual rainfall of 400 inches, which is about 20 times the annual rainfall of England.

Fact 11: Enriched with Flora and fauna, Cameroon has 7 national parks.

Fact 12:
The Waza National Park is its most famous with numerous elephants, lion, giraffe, antelope and birdlife.

Fact 13: The Hippos and the white striped forest deer called bongos of the Benoue National park are also a famous tourist attraction. The bongos use their strips to save themselves from their hunters.

Fact 14:
The rainforests are the most diverse habitats and home to pygmy tribes including the Baka, Bulu, Beti and Bagyeli.

Fact 15:
Cameroon has the most poisonous lake in the world Nyos. This lake is poisonous because of the gases seeping from an active volcano below its surface. On 21st August 1986 a deadly and poisonous cloud of CO2 erupted from Lake Nyos which killed more than 1700 people.

Fact 16:
The highest peak in Africa is Mount Cameroon, an active volcano. It is one of the few volcanoes of the world with dated historic eruption from BC.

Fact 17:
Cameroon’s lowest point is Atlantic Ocean 0 m.

Fact 18: The longest river in Cameroon is the Sanaga River.

Fact 19: Christianity and Islam are the major religions followed by the people of Cameroon.

Fact 20: Cameroon is famous for producing cocoa, cotton, coffee, oilseeds and banana.

Fact 21
: Cameroon is enriched by natural Resources like oil, timber, hydroelectric power, natural gas, cobalt, nickel, iron ore and uranium.

Fact 22:
The average life expectancy of the people here is 54 years for males and 56 years for females as per WHO 2011.

Fact 23: The infant mortality rate of Cameroon is 61 children in every 1,000 born are likely to die as per 2012.

Fact 24: In Cameroon the people like to follow the extended family social system including grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts as close part of the family.

Fact 25: As per the Cameroonian culture it is considered a good touch to bring fruits or wine for the host, and small gifts for the children when invited.

Fact 26: Cameroon is the first African country to reach the quarter-final in soccer world cup.

Fact 27: The President of Cameroon has the power to extend or shorten the term of the legislature or the Unicameral National Assembly, which has 180 seats and the members are elected by direct popular vote for a term of 5 years.

Fact 28:
The Kribi Beach in Cameroon is a famous tourist destination, it is known for its white sand and fresh water fish.

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