Some amazing facts about squats

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Squats are a type of exercise done with weights on the persons shoulder starting off in standing position and then bending knees till thighs are parallel to the ground and back to original position.

Some healthy facts about squats:

  • Squats help in building strength in legs and lower part of the back and body. They work on the lower part including thighs on women, which becomes slim and toned.

  • Squats help recover from an injury as well as avoid one especially among runners.

  • Researchers have found that squats are more effective than other types of exercise like knee extensions as they place less strain on the ligaments and produce more muscle activity.

  • There are many types of squats but there are some general rules of the right way of performing them for e.g. knees and toes pointing forward; back and neck straight; buttocks above knee level; shoulder, hips and knees level; bent knees don’t extend beyond toes; abdominal muscles pulled in; feet flat on the floor etc.

  • Doing squats the wrong way can injure back, leg, neck or knee depending on wherever the strain is falling. The wrong way of doing it includes arching back, over extending arms, bent knees which extend beyond toes or knees and toes turned inwards.

  • Some common ways of hurting the knee is squatting down and back up on your toes or using too much weight while doing squats.

  • Back pain is the most common complaint associated with squats. Sprains and strains occur as well if too much weight is put on the muscles or if they are twisted incorrectly during exercise.

  • Doing squats while being tired can also put a person at harm.

  • Squats should not be done too fast or with any extra movement like bouncing or twisting.

  • Some types of squats are the front squat ‘“ where the weights bar is at the front of the shoulders, the body weight squat ‘“ weights bar is on the back, the three legged squat ‘“ bar is placed vertically in front of body while person squats, the plate option ‘“ the same movement is done holding a plate parallel to the chest and away from the body, one leg squat ‘“ where one leg is kept loose while person bends at the other; box squat ‘“ where the person sits down on a bench and rises immediately, hack squat or deadlift ‘“ where the weights bar is held behind the legs, zercher squat ‘“ where bar is held between crossed arms and overhead squat ‘“ bar is held over the head and others.

  • Squats are such a popular and common type of exercise that Russia in 2013, before the Olympics, was giving away free subway tickets in exchange for 30 squats.

  • Finnish Olympian, Jonas Rantanen, holds the record of performing a squat with a weight of 575 kg.

Studies have shown that if done properly, squats do not cause any harm, but only strengthen the lower part of the body which is why it is important to get information from a trained professional before starting off on your own.

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