Significant Facts About Broccoli

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1) Broccoli native to Asia Minor and the Mediterranean was introduced to America and England in the 1700s. During prehistoric Roman times, Italy was the native place for broccoli. It is the sprout of the broccoli that is consumed. It belongs to the cabbage family. There exist two categories of broccoli, one large-headed and the other small-headed. A cool climate supports broccoli better than a hot climate.

2) Consuming steamed broccoli imparts a cholesterol-lowering effect in the body. The fiber content in broccoli is very high so that it gets involved in a good job of binding simultaneously with bile acids in the digestive system. When this procedure occurs, the bile duct will excrete the bile acid easily. This results in the ultimate reduction of cholesterol.

3) Another marvelous effect of broccoli is that it cures epidemic Vitamin D deficiency. When a deficiency of Vitamin D occurs and is very high, Vitamins A and K supplements are needed to balance the Vitamin D metabolism. Broccoli contains both Vitamin A and Vitamin K, so such a patient’s diet should be rich in broccoli.

4) The best healthy way of cooking broccoli is by steaming. Boiling and frying cause the loss of nutrients. The carotenoids found in broccoli are zeaxanthin and lutein, which contribute to eye health. Problems in the lens area and macula are lessened by an intake of broccoli. (4)

5) Science and math learning are to be initiated in the lower class itself. These are the stem skills. It is calculated that only then will we be able to model out the engineers, scientists, and mathematicians. But it is important to note that science and math are to be taught in the earlier stages rather than in later stages because the brain will be prepared to take in the information concerning science and math between the ages of 1-4. Taking broccoli at this time will enhance the learning capacity of the kids.
Broccoli has the highest level of definite glucosinolates, which are a group of phytochemicals reducing the risk of breast, prostate, colorectal, and lung cancer. Raw broccoli has the capacity to break down the glucosinolates into two compounds, namely erosion and sulforaphane. The scientists of the world are highly interested in research going on with these compounds.

6) Absorption of nutrients and vitamins is little for the body through whole foods. If the nutrients and vitamins needed for the body are to be obtained from the whole food, it requires the presence of an enzyme called myrosinase in the food. If the food lacks the presence of myrosinase, the absorption of vitamins by the body is lowered by 5-8 times.

7) The capacity of broccoli to battle cancer is well known. It has its roots in epigenetics. Certain genes in our body possess the capacity to suppress the development of tumors. The compound sulforaphane present in broccoli effectively acts against HDACs, which are enzymes acting against the tumor-suppressing capacity of genes. The HDAC inhibition and DNA methylation work simultaneously and in a balance. Both functions are influenced by sulforaphane. Broccoli when clubbed with a spicy food will enhance the capacity of broccoli to fight the cancer disease. As it is rich in Vitamin A, it protects the eyes from getting infected. Consuming broccoli will enhance the human body’s immunity to resist the diseases affecting the eyes. It will reduce the illness affecting the cornea, lens, and the lens-locating area. (7)

8) Broccoli is high in folate. Folate contributes to the growth of cells, resulting in the development of the fetus in pregnant women. It also has a significant role in doing away with the damages in the cell during its creation itself. So it is always recommended for pregnant ladies to take in folate-rich food, specifically broccoli.

9) As broccoli is rich in potassium, it is good for maintaining a healthy nervous system and normal blood pressure. One cup of chopped broccoli is equivalent to an orange or milk. This high calcium content in it makes it a good antihistamine. The fiber content in broccoli makes it an apt diet for preventing constipation, overeating, aiding digestion, and maintaining sugar level. Heart health and bone health are maintained well by broccoli in the human body.

10)There is still more to say about broccoli, as it is one of the healthiest vegetables available now. You can have it either raw or cooked or fried. As far as possible, use it raw. Enhance your health and enjoy your food.

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