Popular Facts about Bill Gates

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Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle. He was intelligent and determined to succeed from a very tender age. He was enrolled in a well known private prep school. It was there where he first introduced himself to computers.

He went to Harvard University but left the University in 1974 to form his own company, Microsoft along with Paul Allen. Here are some more amazing facts to know about Bill Gates.

  • His parents were William Gates II and Mary. He had two other sisters too. His father was a well established lawyer at Seattle while his mother was a school teacher as well as regent at the University of Washington and Chair-person of United Way International. His great-grand-father was known as a state legislator and mayor while his grand-father was the vice president at a nationally recognized bank.

  • His mother belonged to the trust committee who made terminal donations to Bill’s school. He had a programmer’s group with his local school friends, and he always engaged himself in writing programs on different issues. His group was banned for about a week or so for barging into the security monitor programs and changing the data from the systems.

  • Bill had married Melinda French Gates in the year 1994 at Hawaii and now parents a daughter, Jennifer Katharine Gates and a son Rory John Gates. Bill has a keen interest on playing bridge, as well as golf.

  • He came across Steve Ballmer in Harvard and since then they tied up and started to work for the Altair computer.

  • Microsoft was a company who dealt with writing applications and programming languages. The company was of not much help when IBM had approached them for their personal programming issues. They were not prepared with any operating system then.

  • This gave him the idea of getting into operating systems, and he bought CPM-DOS from a software agency in Seattle, Washington. Then the operating system was leashed to IBM as MS-DOS.

  • When Gates realized that IBM was relentlessly using MS-DOS, he leased MS-DOS to COMPAQ with a lease on per PC for licensing MS-DOS. This proved to be more profitable for Gates’ company, Microsoft.

  • IBM soon negotiated for a new operating system when they found that MS-DOS was quite familiar to their rivals as well. IBM wished to have an operating system that would run on only IBM machines, so Bill could not settle them with the idea of Windows.

  • Presently, Bill Gates is the chief software architect as well as chairman of the Microsoft Corporation. His company has a foothold in almost all electronic devices- PCs, laptops, smart phones etc. The operating systems are modified, and innovative applications included for each type of device.

  • Presently Bill has bestowed Steve Ballmer with his responsibilities and has decided to get back into programming as he had a love for it.

Apple had tried to sue Microsoft when they had released Windows, claiming the operating system to be their orientation but somehow Microsoft won the case, and now the company has employee strength of 39,000 from about 60 different countries across the globe.

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