Poison Ivy Who? 10 Amazing Facts About Mother Nature

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Try getting the mental image of Poison Ivy in her sexy strewn-on leaf dress and fiery red hair for a minute to focus on the bigger picture: Nature. With the word’s immediate associations with life, vitality, and all things fresh, good, and green, nature in its simplest sense is defined as the natural, physical, or material universe. It can refer to the phenomena that the physical world entails, as well as life in general. Nature and all its studies and endeavors serve as a large part of science, and are inclusive of plants and animals, weather, and the cosmos.

Be it the air that we breathe or the Chipotle you’re about to stuff your face with, nature is all around us and it’s absolutely important that we do our part and fight for its conservation, as well as being responsible and healthy people who do the basics of what a good human is supposed to do, which is Recycle, Reuse, and Renew. These three Rs should have been cemented into your brains since preschool. To get with the program, here are 10 amazing facts we know you’ll enjoy about Nature:

Fact 1: An estimated 85% of all plant life is found in the vast, deep blue ocean.
Fact 2: Australia is the only continent in the world whose geography does not boast any active volcanoes.
Fact 3: A strawberry is the only fruit to have its seeds grow on the outside. Likewise, if it has pulp and seeds, it’s a fruit. For other things that might plaster a shock on your face: Yes, tomatoes are fruits, peanuts are beans, and asparagus, leeks, and onions, are all members of the Lily family! What?!
Fact 4: Let’s talk extremes: back in 1634 all the way in Netherlands, a collector was said to have paid 1,000 pounds of cheese, four oxen, eight pigs, 12 sheep, a bed (complete with beddings), and a suit all for just one bulb of the coveted Viceroy Tulip! Try wrapping your head around that!
Fact 5: One of the most significant discoveries man has encountered is a drug called Quinine, and can only be extracted from a dry bark of a dark evergreen tree local to South Africa.
Fact 6: For your amusement: a group of frogs is called an army, a group of bunnies is called a fluffle (squealing from the cuteness), a group of kangaroos is called a mob, a group of whales is called a pod, a group of geese is called a-wait for it-gaggle, a group of porcupines is a..Can you guess? Pickle! And a group of owls is called a parliament!
Fact 7: The Buckingham Palace has the conservation of resources and living Green on the top in its list of priorities, aside from ensuring the safety of its monarchs of course. The palace recycles, conserves water and electricity, and has all of its light bulbs in LED models. You go, London.
Fact 8: The Gobi desert used to be an ocean brimming with marine life! That explains all the debris and fish bones found peeking out in the hot sands of the popular desert.
Fact 9: Geologists have discovered water miles deep between the rocks of Earth’s mantle that’s deeper than any and all of the oceans found in the world. The intense pressure coming from the tons of rocks above help keep the hot water from turning in to steam and escaping.
Fact 10: The largest underwater waterfall is found between Greenland and Iceland, and this majestic waterfall is a mind blowing stretch of 11,500 feet; that’s three times the height of any land waterfall!

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