Must know facts about Drug Abuse

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Most people get unconsciously addicted to drugs, and their addiction is often misunderstood by others to be a lack of moral principles and will power. Drug abuse is a far more complex problem than simply a behavioural approach to a certain way of lifestyle. Scientific research has proven that drug abuse can be successfully treated, and efforts must be taken to prevent people from abusing drugs.

Here are some of the lesser known facts about drug abuse.

  • Drug abuse is typically described to be a form of brain disease, a relapsing kind that causes the person to seek intake of drugs; it is often a compulsive need despite the knowledge that he or she may have harmful consequences.

  • Drug addiction treatment is often done through behavioural therapy to help patients recover faster and successfully.

  • A person who has successfully recovered from addiction can face a relapse of drug abuse. This does not imply that the treatment previously had been unsuccessful but simply that another treatment is required to help the person gain control and will power to recover.

  • Abuse of drugs can cause a disruption in the chemicals produced in the brain thereby paralysing the person’s ability to process information. The brain’s receptors are then unable to send and receive messages.

  • The high levels of dopamine produced by certain drugs cause a feeling of intense pleasure and euphoric effects thereby setting in motion a reinforcing pattern and luring people into repeating the intake of the substance leading to drug abuse.

  • There are severely harmful long term effects of drug abuse. It can impair the brain chemical system and its cognitive function and affect brain areas critical to judgement, critical thinking and decision making. This is one of the reasons why drug addicts feel compelled to seek drugs despite the knowledge of its consequences.

  • Surveys have revealed that about 3.9% of the world population aged between 15 and 64 abuse marijuana making it one of the most commonly used illegal drugs in the world.

  • Physical effects of long term drug abuse can find it manifested through paranoia, organ damage, immune deficiencies, psychosis etc. and also increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart tremors and stroke.

  • Drug abuse and addiction problems in people are found from all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds and reasons can vary from peer pressure, stress relief or even abuse of prescription drugs.

  • Drug abuse and its signs are not always obvious, and most people are ashamed to admit their problems making it even worse to address the issue.

  • Prescription drug abuse is often overlooked because a person is prescribed for it and is able to purchase them legitimately. Taking higher doses than recommended or frequently visiting the doctor to seek diagnosis can be a sign of prescription drug abuse.

  • Drug abuse treatments include detox, behavioural therapy, residential outpatient treatment, sending them to rehabilitation etc.

  • Counselling is one of the very first steps to treatment of drug abuse and can help address a person’s problems effectively.

Drug abuse has detrimental effects and consequences for the society. Spreading drug abuse awareness and helping prevent it is an important step towards creating a healthier and better tomorrow.

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