Must know Facts about DHEA

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DHEA stands for Dehydroepiandosterone and is a steroid hormone. This can be found in our adrenal glands and is one of the most abundantly produced hormones present in our bloodstream. It also works as a precursor to the production of several other hormones in our body including testosterone, oestrogen, cortisone, progesterone etc. It is believed that higher levels of DHEA in the bloodstream correspond to higher levels of vitality and health.

Here are some facts to know about DHEA.

  • The levels of DHEA during childhood are considerably low. Since childhood, they gradually increase and reach their peak at the age of 25 which is considered the ‘prime of youth’ and from them on it gradually decreases with age.

  • Studies and research have revealed that DHEA helps people fight depression. This is because it is the building block for many other hormones helping humans maintains a zest for life and enjoyment.

  • The maximum levels of DHEA metabolism is said to occur on the skin. Therefore taking DHEA cream supplements is believed to have maximum effect and benefits. Once absorbed within the skin and body, it can help us with mental sharpness and physical fitness.

  • DHEA is also believed to aid in the relief of stress. It is a form of cholesterol metabolite and therefore prevents hormonal imbalance, thereby relieving the body of stress disorders. It basically has an anxiolytic effect on the stress created within the body.

  • The scientists at Washington University researching on DHEA found that the hormone can help in the reduction of abdominal fat and even reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, a very common illness that occur with age.

  • DHEA supplement cream has also been researched to have helped many women through the period of pre-menopause and menopause, a time when the body undergoes significant changes and hormone imbalances.

  • Pregnant and nursing women are advised against the intake of supplementary DHEA.

  • Consulting a physician before consuming supplements is always advisable.

  • The levels of DHEA produced in the human bloodstream vary from person to person. This also depends on the person’s lifestyle, diet, stress levels and age.

  • Decline in the natural DHEA levels in the body can be accelerated by chronic stress, poor lifestyle, and unhealthy diet.

  • DHEA has often been used as a steroid to prevent breast cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. It is also believed to aid in the process of slowing down of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Patients diagnosed with HIV can use DHEA to combat depression and ease fatigue and partially prevent diseases.

  • DHEA supplements are available over the counter without prescription. Supplements can also be found in foods like yam and soy, though not as effective as synthetic DHEA.

DHEA has many positive effects and benefits for the body but not all of it is proven. Supplements for DHEA should always be taken in moderation, and no consumer should misuse the product thinking it would be extra beneficial. The National Institute of Aging and National Centre for complementary and alternative medicine have stated that DHEA cannot be directly linked to the effects of aging. Moreover, the long term use of supplementary DHEA is still unknown.

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