Must Know Facts about Crack

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Cocaine is capable of being transformed into a more strong smokable form with the help of ammonia or baking soda which is then referred to as ‘crack’. It is believed to have been first prepared in the mid- 1980s in the urban areas.

Here are some of the important facts about Crack:

  • Crack resembles a yellowish white rock and is used by breaking it up further into smaller rocks that weigh as little as a few tenths of a gram.
  • Glass hand pipes and water pipes are used for smoking crack cocaine.
  • Crack cocaine is cheaper for production and can easily be produced than powdered form of cocaine.
  • Being an extremely strong stimulant, crack cocaine affects the central nervous system that results in the release of excessive amounts of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that causes pleasure and euphoric movement in the body.
  • Crack is considered a very problematic drug as its chemistry is such that it causes the brain to crave for more of the drug once it has been taken. It has extremely reinforcing psychological affects that are near uncontrollable.
  • Effects of crack after it has been inhaled begin to show within about 5 to 15 minutes that results in a high rush and the user feels the desire to consume more of the drug and eventually results in addiction.
  • Typical symptoms after having taken crack include increased rate of breathing, hyper-stimulation, intense euphoria, increased blood pressure and heart rate, dilated pupils, anxiety or paranoia, depression, aggressive behavior and others.
  • In extreme cases of overdose of this drug from drug craving can cause the user can die of a sudden death.
  • Crack cocaine being a highly addictive substance can result in a lot of drug abuse and users develop a tolerance to crack very easily and an increased need for consuming more of the substance.
  • Long term effects of crack is severe that typically include heart diseases, brain seizures, stroke, mood disturbances, respiratory failure, sexual dysfunction, delirium, aggressive behavior etc.
  • Children born of substance abuse parents can be deformed or born with congenital defects.
  • There are many other slang terminology used for crack cocaine that include Kryptonite, Hard Rock or simply Rock, Sugar Block, Topo, Apple Jacks etc.
  • Coke bugs us a tactile hallucination caused by the effect of crack cocaine and gives the users the feeling of bugs burrowing under the skin.
  • Brain damages caused by crack cocaine can also be permanent resulting in paralysis.
  • Snow capping refers to cocaine that has been sprinkled over marijuana while speed balling is a term used to refer the intake of cocaine and heroin together.

Cocaine itself is considered a very dangerous drug for the central nervous system while crack cocaine does additional harm because of its highly addictive nature causing addicts to crave for it more than they crave for food. Chronic drug abuse can be typically caused by depression, stress and other psychological causes. Spread of ample awareness among young teens and adults alike is very important to prevent substance abuse and let people know the severe effects that drugs have on the body and brain.

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