Must Know Facts about Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol and drugs are the two most common forms of abuse used by people as a means of escape from depression, anxieties etc. It is often considered to help you ‘˜loosen up’ and have a stimulating effect on the body. When alcohol is consumed in levels beyond which a body can handle, people start experiencing the ‘˜depressing’ effects of alcohol. Impaired coordination, unsteady movement, slurred speech and inability to react are some of the most common symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption. Most heavy drinkers consume at least more than 1 drink per day on an average.

Some interesting facts about Alcohol Abuse are:

Every year about 88000 people die due to alcoholism in the United States.

Statistics reveal that alcoholism is the third leading cause of deaths; a lifestyle related problem.

Alcohol abuses can be fatal in many cases and result in coma, unconsciousness etc. Every year there are over 1.2 million emergency room visits made due to this reason.

Alcohol abuse among youngsters is very common in the form of binge drinking. Consuming more than 4-6 drinks during a single occasion can result in excessive alcohol consumption and its consequent results.

Binge drinking is a form of alcohol abuse but not all binge drinkers may necessarily be alcohol dependant or alcoholics.

Pregnant women, people taking medications that run the risk of reacting with alcohol, people suffering from certain medical conditions; alcoholics etc. should not be consuming alcohol.

Alcohol should not be consumed before engaging in any activity that involves the use of mental skill, coordination and alertness because it is known to paralyze cerebral functions and reduce reaction time.

Alcohol abuse can result in numerous medical emergencies like alcohol poisoning that result from low body temperature and blood pressure along with suppression of the central nervous system.

Harmful effects of alcohol range from people engaging in violence, child maltreatment, unintentional traffic injuries, drowning, unprotected sex or risky sexual behaviour, miscarriage or still birth or children born with defects in case of pregnant women etc.

In most cases alcohol abuse goes untreated and undiagnosed because people don’t realise or detect alcohol dependence, binge drinking, alcoholism etc.

Serious forms of alcohol abuse that results in alcoholism can be manifested through symptoms like: inability to control one’s urge to drink, inability to control the amount of consumption, behavioural symptoms like withdrawal, nausea, anxiety when drinking is stopped etc.

Alcoholism can be treated and should be treated with help and support from family members, sending patients to rehabilitation etc.

Untreated alcoholic patients can face serious problems in everyday life and activities which can affect their career, relationships and not just health alone. It is a chronic disease and can last a person’s lifetime. People who seek and follow formal treatment are able to recover and remain alcohol-free for the rest of their lives.

Alcohol abuse poses threats to a large number of people worldwide. Most people in spite of the knowledge of the effects of alcohol engage in its abuse in the hope of escaping pain, combating depression or simply for fun. Knowledge and awareness of alcohol abuse is a must in order to ensure that people realise the risk they put their health into.

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