Louis Tomlinson Facts You Should Know

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Louis Tomlinson is known to be one fifth of the famous pop band from the UK ‘“ One Direction. Although a lot of fans have their own favorites, Louis Tomlinson is a vital member of the group because a lot of people have to admit that things would have been different even if just one of the members has been changed.

If you are a One Direction fan, you would want to know a lot of facts about Louis Tomlinson which we know like the rest of the members, is a contestant of the X-Factor UK. Simon Cowell suggested that they become a group instead and they became a big hit after that. Their talent, their looks and their appeal captured the hearts of different people all over the world.

Fact 1: It is already widely known that Louis is very fond of carrots. Since he has professed this in front of a lot of fans, he started receiving carrots as gifts. He probably likes it a lot but then too many carrots can still be bad since it can cause people to become a bit too orange due to the beta carotene. He has also said that he is attracted to girls who eat carrots and fans have been doing their best to please him. Since he already received too many carrots, he now states that he would like to have a Lamborghini.

Fact 2: This may be heartbreaking to a lot of fans but Louis already has a girlfriend. The name of his girlfriend is Eleanor and he has said that he is very much in love with her. It is through Eleanor that he remains to be humble and he manages to keep his feet on the ground. So if you think that Eleanor should be disposed, maybe you should thank her for keeping Louis calm, collected and even more eager to reach his dreams.

Fact 3: Louis is a big fan of Robbie Williams. Aside from admiring his good looks, he sees Robbie Williams as a big music icon. He seems really proud that he was able to sing with Williams back when he was still a contestant for the X Factor. He also states Robbie Williams as his man crush. His biggest girl celebrity crush though is Natalie Portman.

Fact 4: Louis has always been interested in music and has been exposed to the world of show business and music even before he became famous. He has appeared in a sitcom before and has become interested in acting although because of his talent, he became more musically inclined. Aside from singing though, he also knows how to play the piano although he does not think that that talent is extraordinary.

Fact 5: If Louis was a gal, he has admitted that he will have the biggest crush on Harry. He thinks that Harry is very charismatic and apparently, based on the fans of Harry Styles, he is not alone.

Fact 6: Louis’s favorite band is the Fray. This band is well known for their hit single ‘œHow to Save a Life.’

Fact 7: If he had to choose a pet, he has said that he would like to get a chimpanzee because he was inspired by Michael Jackson who also had a pet chimpanzee when he was still alive.

Fact 8: Louis Tomlinson is a party lover. He has already admitted several times that like other people his age, he has enjoyed going to parties and mingling with other people. This does not mean that he will hit on other girls during parties though since he has stated that he will never cheat on his girlfriend, Eleanor.

Fact 9: Louis is a bit fussy about his hair. He is always concerned about how it looks and he makes sure that he spends approximately 30 minutes on his hair before he leaves.

Fact 10: Louis is known as one of the three members of One Direction that has passed his driving test although surprisingly, he got a police officer mad at him because of the way he drove for the shooting of their video ‘œWhat Makes You Beautiful.’ He has stated that he became a bit nervous because of all the commotion. Louis Tomlinson is remarkably human yet we all know that he is one of the most famous guys in the music industry right now.

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