Lobster – Facts About The Fancy Shellfish

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Most of us have indulged in a delicious lobster dinner, but how much do we know about these fancy sea creatures?

Here are 28 interesting facts about this meaty seafood delicacy!

Fact 1: Lobsters are marine shellfish, usually red in color and characterized by a pair of unequal claws. They are edible and are related to crayfish, shrimp and crab.

Fact 2: Lobsters are not necessarily red! They can also be bright blue and can have a mixture of colors on their shell.

Fact 3: Lobsters have an internal body structure similar to humans, including a brain, heart, stomach and intestines.

Fact 4: A lobster tail is made up of seven parts!

Fact 5: Lobsters shed their shells as they grow!

Fact 6: A lobster has six pairs of jaws!

Fact 7: An average life span of lobster, in the wild, is 50 years.

Fact 8: A lobster has ten legs!

Fact 9: There are hundreds of types of lobsters and only a few of those are caught commercially.

Fact 10: Lobsters generate a multi-billion-dollar industry. Over 200,000 tons are caught globally each year!

Fact 11: Most people consume the American and European clawed lobsters, Homarus americanus and Homarus gammarus. They are cold water species that live in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fact 12: Tropical lobsters that are also commonly consumed are the clawless variety of these shellfish.

Fact 13: Lobsters can also be found in freshwaters!

Fact 14: Lobsters rely on their sense of taste and smell to move around their natural habitat and have poor eyesight. They also heavily rely on their sense of touch, thanks to thousands of tiny hairs that stick out from their shells.

Fact 15: Lobsters generally feed on fish and mollusks, but are known to consume algae and other plant life.

Fact 16: Lobsters prefer to live in burrows they dig themselves, in rocky crevices or hidden among sea grasses.

Fact 17: In America, in the 17th and 18th century, lobsters were also used as fertilizers!

Fact 18: Back in the earlier centuries, America had laws forbidding servants to be fed lobster more than twice a week!

Fact 19: Lobsters can grow up to a meter long!

Fact 20: The largest lobster was between 0.9 and 1.2 m long, (3 to 4 ft) and weighed 20.14 kg (44.4 lbs). It was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Scientists predict that it was around 100 years old!

Fact 21: Female lobsters can carry live sperm for up to two years before they fertilize their eggs.

Fact 22: How do we tell whether a lobster is a he or a she? Male lobsters have bony appendages, found behind their walkers, while female appendages are feathery. If you are familiar with lobsters, then you can also tell their sex by examining their tail. The female’s tail is broader to the male’s in order to accommodate the egg mass.

Fact 23: Lobster blood is clear!

Fact 24: Lobsters can regenerate claws, legs and antennae! Sometimes, in order to escape danger, lobsters amputate their own legs!

Fact 25: Lobsters can be right or left handed! Their use of either claw is exhibited by its state, some have a crushed right claw, while others predominately use their left and hence it shows marks of deterioration.

Fact 26: Lobsters are sensitive to temperatures. Every year they migrate up to 160 km to find the perfect breeding ground for their babies.

Fact 27: Lobsters often „hold hands“! They have been known to walk around claw in claw with other lobsters.

Fact 28: Lobsters can experience anxiety whilst in the cooking pot!

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