Little Known facts about Columbia

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Columbia is the largest city and also the capital of the state of South Carolina with an average population of 129,272. This city has lots of activities for its tourists and has its own cultural heritage and history to share.

Here are some fascinating facts to know about Columbia.

  • The city had first received its charter as a town back in 1805, and it was decided that the town would be governed by a body of one intendant and six wardens.

  • By the year 1816, Columbia town’s population reached 1000 with over 250 resident homes.

  • Columbia had not paved streets till much into the 1900s. The first 17 blocks of Main Street were paved in the year 1908. Asphalt paving were made in the year 1925.

  • The Columbia City Hall was created from the federal courthouse in 1934 and built from granite taken from Winnsboro. The building,today,is recognised as one of the Historic Places in the National Register.

  • Columbia has three rivers, a lake and canal along with several city parks that offer residents and tourists, avenues for recreation.

  • There are 60 parks, 600 acres of city maintained parks, 55 tennis courts, 9 city- maintained fountains and 16 pools and ponds. There are no entrance fees to the city parks, and all are open year round from dawn to dusk.

  • Columbia is home to the Riverbanks Zoological Park where over 2000 animals are said to be thriving well in the naturally created habitat. The animals are free from any sort of cages and captivity.

  • The largest children’s museum in USA is located in the south of Columbia.

  • Night life in Columbia is said to be pretty active with lots of places for fine dining, and eating out. There also exists various live music places, theatres, dance clubs etc.

  • The Columbia City Jazz company is well known for its annual production of competitions, activities and events for city dwellers while the Columbia City Ballet is an internationally renowned and oldest dance company that broadly support performing arts in the present day.

  • Richland One is the city’s largest public school and the seventh largest in the state where over 23,000 students attend the school.

  • Columbia is also home to five major universities and colleges with lots of scopes for higher education. There are 50 elementary, middle and high schools in the city.

  • The Columbia Metropolitan Airport is almost like a mini-city that spans over 2600 acres and home to more than 50 agencies and businesses located within the airport premises. More than 1.2 million passengers travel to and from the airport, and over 168,000 tons of air cargo is transported every year.

  • The Adluh Flour Mills located in Columbia is registered in the list of historical properties and is known to produce flour and cornmeal products.

Columbia is a great place for tourists to explore and have lots of activities in store for people. It is also great for people fond of shopping and can find the artistic environment, galleries, malls, night life, parks and zoological garden fun to explore; in short there is something for everyone in Columbia.

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