Lesser known Facts about Tyler the Creator

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Music is constantly evolving through the use of new instruments and vocal traits. Every decade sees the phenomenal rise of a solo artist or bands that are replaced in the next decade by some other budding talent. In the 21st century, the band that cannot be ignored is- Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. This band with an odd name is already quite popular with the masses and is being lauded for its talent and theatrics, quite similar to Slipknot and Sex Pistols.

The lead singer of the band is rap artist Tyler Okonma, popularly known as Tyler the Creator. He is 20 years of age and has already garnered a lot of love and hatred. The rapper has an uncouth persona on screen and stage, but is quite different in real life. Some lesser known facts about him do bring out his human side:

Born to a Nigerian father and mother with white Canadian and African American blood in 1991, he always wanted to be a musician.

At age 7, he started forming track lists and covers for the albums that he would record when he grew up. He had changed 12 schools in 12 years.

During his early teens, he won the Middle School Talent Show in Hawthorne in California. At the age of 14, he taught himself to play the piano.

Unlike his persona on video and stage, he is not into drugs, alcohol or cigarette. He has admittedly tried cocaine, but never got addicted to it as he knew it would be difficult for him to give up.

He was arrested once for vandalising show equipment. However, he was later on granted bail at $20,000 and acquitted of the charges.

He was very close to his grandmother, whom he lost to brain cancer. He often talks about her on stage and in interviews.

Tyler the Creator shares a sour relationship with his father. He refuses to acknowledge him in public and does not speak to him.

He has often been criticised for using abusive language towards women and homosexuals through words such as ‘œbitch’ and ‘œfaggot’. He has gone on record to say he is not a misogynist or homophobe and appreciates his fans from both quarters.

Thanks to the success of Odd Future, Tyler has his own four storied house. The fact sometimes awes him and at others makes him proud, as can be made out by his statements.

He came to limelight in a video entitled ‘œYonkers’, where he ate a live cockroach and then spat out its remains. The video went viral and made a star out of Tyler overnight. He has often boasted about the incident in subsequent interviews.

Recently, a women’s activist group tried banning Tyler from Australia for his sexist lyrics and promotion of rape through songs. A war ensued over Twitter but did not restrict his entry into Australia.

Over the years, Tyler the Creator has enjoyed both adulation and hatred from his fans. The success of the third album by the group, ‘œWolf’ is yet to be seen.

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