Interesting Facts About Your Favorite Café

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Starbucks is the most popular and well-known coffee company in the world. It’s various beverages, sugar coated snacks and savory nibbles have enticed customers around the globe.

Here are 26 interesting facts about your favorite café!

Fact 1: Starbucks is the largest coffee company in the world!

Fact 2: The first Starbucks store was opened in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971! By 1990, Starbucks had a total of 84 stores throughout America, with the headquarters in Seattle.

Fact 3: The first Starbucks Café Latte was served in 1984. One of today’s most popular drinks become a part of the Starbucks menu at the suggestion of Howards Shultz, who joined Starbucks in 1982 as director of retail operations and marketing. Shultz is now the Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks.

Fact 5: The famous Frappuccino, a blended beverage, was first served by Starbucks in 1995.

Fact 6: In 1996, Starbucks opened its first store outside of North America, in Japan and then Singapore. By this time, Starbucks had a total of 1,015 stores!

Fact 7: In 1998, the Starbucks brand was expanded to England, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand. During this busy year, Starbucks also launched its very own website,

Fact 8: Stores in China, Kuwait, Lebanon and South Korea were opened in 1999. Each year after that Starbucks expanded across the globe. In 2000, Starbucks opened its doors in Australia, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Fact 9: In 2006, Starbucks launched the first paper beverage cup containing post-consumer recycled fiber.

Fact 10: A year later, 2007, Starbucks eliminated artificial trans-fat and made 2% milk the new standard for espresso beverages. By this year, Starbucks had over 15,000 stores across the world.

Fact 11: Starbucks launched its first online community „My Starbucks Idea“, in 2008, and opened the Starbucks Facebook page.

Fact 12: As of March 30th, 2014, Starbucks had 20, 519 stores in about 60 countries!

Fact 13: The company’s initial logo was an image of a two tailed mermaid, but it has since undergone various changes. The original mermaid had a bare breast, but the modern version is more formalized with hair covering her body.

Fact 14: The name Starbucks was inspired by Captain Ahab’s first mate, Starbucks, from the classic novel Moby Dick. The owner nearly decided to use the name Pequod, the name of the boat in the same novel.

Fact 15: Starbucks also owns Hear Music and Ethos Water. Paul McCartney was the first artist signed to Starbucks’s record label!

Fact 16: Starbucks began selling CD’s in 1995.

Fact 17: Starbucks began providing Wi-Fi in retail stores in 2002.

Fact 18: Starbucks sent out its first tweet in August of 2008.

Fact 19: In 2010, Starbucks had 137,000 employees!

Fact 20: There are over 87,000 drink combinations at Starbucks!

Fact 21: Starbucks has a unique sizing system, Tall, Grande, Venti and Trenta. The Trenta coffee size is bigger than your stomach and can hold 916 milliliters!

Fact 22: The Starbucks cinnamon chip scone has more calories than a McDonald’s quarter pounder!

Fact 23: Starbucks has a program called „Ground for your Garden“, and they give away used coffee grounds for free. If you go to a local store and ask them for their coffee grounds, they will give you a 5-pound bag with which you can fertilize your garden.

Fact 24: Starbucks stores are filled with circular tables so that a customer who is drinking coffee alone doesn’t feel lonely.

Fact 25: In 2013 Starbucks opened its first tea bar, Teavana tea bar, in New York City.

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