Interesting facts about WV for kids

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On the Southern United States, West Virginia is a beautiful state on the lap of nature. It is famous for its mountain and karsts topography. WV is the 41st largest region in WV by area and the 38th most populous places among the 50 States in USA. West Virginia was declared a state by the president Abraham Lincoln and thus it got its statehood in 1863. Historically WV is prominent for logging and coal mining industries and politically for labor history. Because of its densely karstic areas this place is populous place for recreational caving tourists and also scientific research. The main industry of the WV state is tourism. WV allures tourists with the activities like skiing, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, hunting etc. It is one of the old states in the United States.

Facts about West Virginia at a glance are:

The name West Virginia is in the honor of Elizabeth, “Virgin Queen” of England. The nick name of the state is ‘˜Mountain state’.

Rhododendron is the state flower, Cardinal is the state bird, Black Bear is the state animal and golden apple is the state fruit of West Virginia.

It is considered the southernmost northern state and the northern most southern state in the US.

75% of the state is covered by forest. It is full of natural resources. For many years coal was the leading industry in the state.

The first well in the WV was drilled at Burning Springs for producing crude oil in the year 1860.

West Virginia covers about 24,000 square miles and has a population of about 1.8 million citizens.

One amazing fact about the New River of West Virginia is that it is one of the oldest rivers in the world which flows south to north unlike other rivers. The reason behind that is that it was formed much before the mountains formed in these regions.

The longest steel arch bridge in the US is in West Virginia on the New River, spanning 1,815 feet.

The capital of the state of West Virginia is Charleston. First capital of the state was Wheeling, Ohio County and then it was moved to Charleston and again in Wheeling and now finally it is once more Charleston.

West Virginia is addressed as “the Switzerland of the United States” because of the mountains of this land which has brought this title to West Virginia.

Funny but true, Mother’s day was first celebrated in West Virginia at Andrews Church in Grafton on May 10, 1908.

It was in West Virginia that the first sales tax in the United States came into effect on 1921.

In White Sulphur Springs of West Virginia, is the only house in the world that was made entirely of coal which is known as coal house and it was occupied on 1961.

The first natural gas in the United States used for the industrial purpose was used in West Virginia by William Tompkins to evaporate salt brine.

The first spa for the public in USA was also opened at The Berkeley Springs in West Virginia.

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