Interesting Facts about Spheres in which CARE- U.S works

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CARE is an organisation involved in all sorts of philanthropic and humanitarian works throughout the world. Their main aim is to take care of global poverty and empowering women in the society.


The CARE has a record of working with 86 countries of the world in the year 2013.  They carry out several projects to fight poverty and reach out to more people in need. Here are some interesting facts about the CARE organisation in U.S.


  • The organisation believes that poverty prevails in the society mainly due to inequality of gender. Therefore the male members of the community are always in support for woman power.


  • The institution is keen on increasing girl or woman income in the society as major portion of the world’s women are suffering from poverty. Apart from agricultural involvement, only 20% women in South Asia, North Africa and West Asia are into other kinds of jobs.


  • The core of the organisation is based on women who undertake basic education, sanitation and economic development in the society. Women are often not considered an important factor of the family.


  • Their statistical reports show that women are working about two-third of working hours globally. Despite that, their income is just 10% of world’s income. The most ironic fact is that they own not more than 25% of the world’s property.


  • Mal-nutrition is a major impact of poverty in sub-African and most of the Asian countries. Mal-nourished women are bound to die while delivering children and the life of the child born is always at risk. In future they face difficulties like weak mental and physical conditions.


  • Sexual abuse and harassing women is another area of concern for CARE. Such women have to undergo mental or psychological trauma throughout their lives which is why CARE brings about women and men from all spheres of life to stop violent acts against women.


  • About 64 million of the young girls around the world are sometimes married off between the early ages of 10 years and 16 years and sometimes even 7 years! They cannot complete their academic careers and are prone to physical abuse and contracting STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) and succumb during pregnancy.


  • This year, about seven million children had died even before their 5th birthday. This death of infants can be prevented simply by providing proper nutrition and keeping them in clean ambience. Hopefully this unnecessary death is reduced by 705 in the past 50 years.


  • Proper education of basic sexual activities is provided to some poor and illiterate families who are more prone to HIV and other deadly sexual diseases. Women with HIV are discarded from the society and highly discriminated. CARE tries to render them proper education and jobs as well.


  • Family Planning is an important factor that can reduce global poverty. A woman’s reproductive right should never be abused and there must a significant gap of about 2-3 years in between pregnancies.


This year CARE celebrated its 100th Anniversary on International Women’s Day with a big global conference that was attended by about 40 countries from all over the world including Afghanistan and Egypt. This immense growth and fame of this organisation was gained due to the contribution of several private donors, global partners and generous institutions.

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