Interesting Facts about Slovenia


Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe which is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. The countries surrounding Slovenia are Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Italy. Although the country is small, a number of important transit routes of Europe are controlled by Slovenia. The country has a population of about 5.4 million.

Here are some more important facts about Slovenia.

  • Slovenia follows a parliamentary republican government. The head of the state is a President and the chief of government employee is Prime Minister. The country follows a combined system for running the economy.

  • Slovenia won its independence as a nation in 1993 after getting separated from the Czech Republic. The northern fringes of Slovenia are bordered by the Alps while a lot of rivers flow from the east.

  • The country still shares some cultural and linguistic aspect of Czech Republic. It used to share the same state with Czech Republic for more than 70 years. There is a deep Catholic aspect that Slovenia shares with Poland.

  • Hungarians ruled the Slovaks for about 1,000 years which ended in the year 1918. The influence of Hungarians is still seen in the Slovenian cooking. Paprika and pepper is used much in booking and the mouth-watering goulash is the best dish for any tourist to try out.

  • Slovenia joined the European Union on January 1, 2009 when the euro was replaced by the Slovak crown (Sk) in legal terms. Credit cards from major banks are accepted in all hotels, shops and restaurants. Any foreign check is not of any help at establishments and has to be exchanged for cash.

  • Slovenia got its independence from Yugoslavia without any bloodshed unlike the cases of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. It was helped by recognition of some Slovenians with Western Europeans and some elite groups of people of the country.

  • Slovenia had been a wealthy region ever since it was a part of Yugoslavia. It underwent a change from state economic condition to free market which seemed much easier.

  • Slovenia had been the most liberal republican state of Yugoslavia. In the 1980s the Slovenians pressurized Yugoslavia for better political support and federal alteration. This sort of behavior vanished with the independence.

  • Many remained homeless until a bill was passed by the parliament that restored the citizenship of the ones who were turned out. An unwilling referendum held just before entry to the European Union completely changed this crisis to a great deal.

  • Slovenia was never on good terms with Croatia as it had a lot of disputes regarding the land and sea borders ever since the separation from Croatia. After Croatia joined the NATO in March 2009, tensions between the two nations subsided. This was also around the time when issue regarding the Piran border was sorted between the two nations.

Slovenia has four different seasons that show an overall continental climate. The months from May to October experience bright warm and sunny weather in Slovenia. But by the advent of winter in October, every hotel and spot is compelled to shut down due to extremely cold and harsh climate in this region.

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  1. Borut

    January 13, 2015 3:32 pm

    This article could be greatly improved if you wouldn’t confuse Slovenia and Slovakia all the time.
    Slovenia is the country on the map and has the population of only 2 million. The people are Slovenes and speak Slovenian. The country gained it’s independancy in 1991 when breaking up from Yugoslavia (the 10 day war for independance in Slovenia was a sort of a prelude to the wars in Croatia and Bosnia).
    So please improve the article about Slovenia by actually writting about Slovenia (and not Slovakia, which is another independant country).
    And yes, Slovakia (the other country, that is not Slovenia) was the one that seperated from Czech Republic.

  2. Niko

    January 14, 2015 5:06 am

    It really saddens me to still find uneducated people on the web, although it is 2015. I suggest you for the future, before you publish such a crap on the web and share it with the rest of the world, you do some research.
    I know Slovenia is a small country, but by googling “Slovenia facts” you can find all the basic info which you tried to provide in your article, and those facts are true. If you’re having trouble finding correct info about Slovenia, here are some links.

    I will really appreciate when you correct the mistakes and notify me when the article will be proper.

    best regards,


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