Interesting Facts About Shoes

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It is really difficult to say from when shoes began to be worn by humans. The use of shoes dates back to the early ages when men covered their feet for protection against rough grounds as they had to travel a lot in search of food and shelter. But as days went by, the idea of shoes changed and new designs and materials began to be used and shoes were manufactured on large scale making it a flourishing business.

Fact 1 The beginning of modern shoes

About 8000 years ago, simple shoes were made from animal skin and wood as the base. Later, rawhide was also used by shoemakers to craft different kinds of shoes that were necessary for protecting the feet. In the Middle East, shoemakers started making experiments with styles and heights of shoes and they produced high-heeled shoes to walk across the hot sands comfortably. Shoes that had pointed toes were considered as a mark of affluence. Gradually these shoes became popular among the nobles and royal court members of Europe. The heels were as high as 24 inches also. Then the sneakers were introduced in the 19th century in Europe. In 1954, Roger Emanuel designed the Stiletto high heel shoes that looked really attractive and stylish.

Fact 2 Kinds of Shoes

Shoes were invented to protect the feet from cuts and burns and also from insect or snake bites. They were generally made of animal hide that covered the upper portion of the feet that needed to be cool while the base was strong for firm grip. Some of the common shoes worn by all categories of people were the simple sandals with straps, Ballerina shoes, Boots that were worn by cowboys and ranchers at the beginning and later Wellington boots became a staple for the elite citizens of Britain as outdoor and hunting shoes in the 19th century. Pointed shoes for both men and women were considered as a status symbol for many years. Some of the point of the designer shoes grew so long that they curled inside and these were mostly worn by dancers. The stiletto shoes also gained great popularity as a mark of style and elegance. Sneakers were first introduced in 1916 in America and were basically made of canvas and called keds. The largest shoe museum is The Bata Shoe Museum in North America, located in Toronto, Canada. You can view all kinds of shoes starting from 2500BC till the latest designs.

Fact 3 Modern Designer Shoes for Men

Among the various types of shoes available for men like the lace-up, slip-ons, buckle or zippers the especially designed are the Oxfords, Bluchers, Monk-Straps, Brogues, Plain-toes, Cap-toes and others that are comfortable and stylish. Wearing the perfect designer shoes according to the outfits and occasions is very important to portray your style and status.

Women’s shoes include the high-heeled footwear of various heights, designs and colors, Slingbacks, Mules, Ballet flats, Designer Boots, Stilettos and many other varieties that keep changing with fashion trends. The Block Heels, Flat Heels, Platform Heels, Pencil Heels are some of the elegant shoes favored by fashion-conscious women of today who wish to follow their favorite celebrities.

Fact 4 About Sneakers

Today Sneakers are worn by men and women as well as kids. They are extremely comfortable to wear and offer a stylish look. There is great demand of athletic shoes and especially designed sports shoes that are manufactured by leading shoe brands of today. Dancing shoes are also crafted with extra care to offer maximum comfort and protection.

Fact 5 Use of Exotic Leather

Nowadays, shoes are being made of exotic leather of alligator, crocodile, deer, elephant and others that are quite expensive.

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