Interesting Facts About Pittsburg

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Pittsburgh is presently one of the most interesting and the second largest cities of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Fact 1 History of the City

Pittsburgh was founded in 1758 and named by General John Forbes in honor of the 1st Earl of Chatham , the British statesman William Pitt. It was recognized as a township in 1771 and as a borough in 1794, 22nd of April. It has a population of 350,363 and is the county seat of Allegheny County.

Fact 2 Known as Steel City and City of Bridges

Pittsburgh has more than 300 steel-related businesses and so it is known as the Steel City. It is also known as the City of Bridges for it has 446 bridges in and around the city. One of the interesting sites in Pittsburgh is the pre-revolutionary fortification and the source of the River Ohio that flows at the confluence of the Rivers Monongahela and Allegheny. This area is of great importance and a coveted site for the British, French, Virginia, Civil War raiders, Whiskey Rebels and the media networks because it is the major link between the Atlantic coast and the Midwest through the Alleghenies that are rich in minerals.

Fact 3 Other innovations

Pittsburgh has made innovations in other areas too apart from steel. Aluminum, shipbuilding, transportation, autos, computing, glass, petroleum, foods, sports as well as electronics are the other areas of innovations. Pittsburgh now stands just behind New York and Chicago due to its creative wealth in the employment sector of the corporate headquarters; it is second in rank after New York in bank assets and is almost involved in most U.S. stockholders per capita.

Fact 4

Pittsburgh is the leader in environmental design and the city is proud of its total 60 and 10 of the world’s first green buildings. The 116 years old film industry has changed into one of the world’s first movie theater that held the Three Rivers Film Festival and is now an important place for production houses that include Disney and Paramount. It has the largest sound stage outside Los Angeles and New York City.

Fact 5 Other important places in Pittsburgh

Every part of Pittsburgh has something interesting to offer to all its visitors who visit this amazing city from around the world. In Downtown Pittsburgh there are 30 skyscrapers, U.S.Steel Tower, Cultural District along the River Allegheny. This area is the center of art venues and theaters and growing residential apartments. The Point Park University, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University stand here and borders Uptown.

The North Side was previously known as Allegheny City and is mostly a residential area. There are many heritage buildings that date back to the 19th century. They are works of art and woodwork, ceramic tile, slate roofs and stained glass stand evidence of the high standard of construction of Pittsburgh so many years back. The most visited sites here are the PNC Park, Heinz Field, National Aviary, Penn Brewery, Children’s Museum and others.

The South Side of Pittsburgh was once the main place where workers lived and so the houses are quite densely constructed. But presently this area has become one of the most longed for sites for dwellers who wish to own homes in Pittsburgh. The South East Carson Street is the busiest and most attractive part of the town. There is continuous development in this part of Pittsburgh that is attracting people to own property here.

The East End is the Shadyside Neighborhood and is a home to famous libraries, museums and universities. There are large shopping centers and is inhabited by affluent families. The houses are mostly designed by artists and are really attractive. The West End includes Mount Washington and is famous for the view of Downtown Skyline.

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