Interesting facts about oil

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Oil is a chemical substance that is found in liquid form in room temperature and it is immiscible with water and miscible with other oils. Therefore oil is a water fearing and fat loving substance. Oils have high percentage of carbon and hydrogen content which make them slippery and flammable. Oil may be of different types like vegetable oil, animal oil and petro chemical oil. They are used for different purposes like for cooking, for lubricating and as fuel. Vegetable oils are made from different vegetables and are used in cooking; whereas petro chemical oil works as fuel and lubricator. Petro chemical oil or crude oil is non renewable natural resources which can be found in underground and comes from fossilized animals and plants. There are different kinds of oil and they differ from each other in toxicity, volatility and viscosity. The economy of the world is developing with oil. Oil, being a non renewable resource it should not be wasted because it takes billions of years to be formed.

Facts about oil

Oil plays vital role in our lives. Crude oil is used for manufacturing various products.

Oil plays an important role to determine a country’s position globally.

In the oil refineries crude oil is transferred in to a range of different fuels such as kerosene, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, LPG and more.

Petroleum is not measured in liters or gallons, it in measured in barrels.

Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reserve in the world. It has around 264 billion barrels of oil where as USA has 21 billion. Its oil production per day is 8.1 million.

The consumption of oil in the America is the highest in the world, -20 million barrel every day.

Gasoline comprises 45% of crude oil.

In the USA 50% of all the oil is used for transportation industry. Over 200000 miles of oil pipelines can be seen within the borders of USA. USA imports 9.01 million barrels per day. Canada supplies most of the oil to the USA.

The leading state in the production of crude oil in the USA is Texas. It has more than 5 billion barrels of crude oil in its reserve. It produces one -fifth oil of America.

It is hard to believe but true that some product like plastics, car tires, fertilizers, bubble gum, soaps, shoe polish, cosmetics, perfumes are brought in to shape using crude oil products obtained in its reefing process.

Oil also has some medicinal properties which treats ailments like gout and frostbite.

Over three quarters of the world’s oil reserves are in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) countries. They are mainly Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Venezuela and UAE.

World’s largest oil field is the Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar oil field. It possesses around 85 billion barrels of oil.

Since more than 5000 years people have been using oil.

Successfully oil was first drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania in the USA in 1859.

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