Interesting Facts about Duke University

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James Buchanan Duke had founded the Duke University in the year 1924, as a sign of a memorial of his beloved father, Washington Duke. The Dukes were always interested in the Trinity College.

Their dreams fulfilled with the philanthropic foundation, The Duke Endowment had extended the Duke University over Trinity College. Here are some more interesting facts about the Duke University.

  • The Dukes are actually a family from Durham that was a part of the worldwide market in manufacturing tobacco products and had an electricity production unit in Carolinas. With a strong and proper support from the Duke University, the Trinity College experienced both academic and physical changes. The actual Durham campus was known as the East Campus after being reconstructed in a Georgian Architecture.

  • The West Campus was built in a Gothic fashion and was under a long 210 feet huge tower of Duke Chapel. It was founded in the year 1930. Since 1995 The East Campus became a place for all first year students.

  • The athletics teams of Duke take part in the 12 member Atlantic Coast Conference as well as field teams of 26 NCAA Division I various sports. Duke University has taken the national men’s basketball championship in the years 1991, 1992, 2001 and 2010. It had won the men’s lacrosse trophy in 2010 while brought home the soccer trophy in 1986.

  • The women teams are also good in sports. The golf team for women bagged the cups in the years 1999, 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007. They have also won the women’s tennis in the year 2009.

  • The Duke University Health System undergoes research and clinical care with collaboration with the Duke University School of Nursing and the Duke University School of Medicine.

  • There are two community hospitals affiliated to the Duke University medicinal care which are namely Duke Raleigh Hospital and Durham Regional Hospital.

  • The Duke University Libraries is counted among one of the nation’s foremost 10 research libraries. It includes the William R. Perkins Library and under it four different branches- Manuscripts, Rare Books and a Special Collections Library. There is a separate library service for books on Business Administration.

  • The University has a personal archive as well which is under the Perkins Libraries. It is the place where written and printed notes, materials photographs of the Duke’s history are easily available.

  • The University has a performance team as well which has conducted about 70 cultural events that include theatre, music conferences, and cultural dance and debate talks. The events are mostly held in the Page Auditorium and some takes place in the Reynolds Industries Theatre, Nelson Music Room or Baldwin Auditorium.

  • The University has a personal Press that publishes around 120 books a year. There are more than thirty scholar journals as well. These are mainly social science and books on humanities. There are publications on medicine, law mathematics and science as well.

In the past twenty years, International enrolment has increased in the Duke’s graduate and schools under the Duke University which follows the United Methodist Church. The University also offers major undergraduate degrees in International Comparative Studies as well as Global Health.

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