Interesting Facts About Dick King-Smith

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Ronald Gordon King-Smith
Born in 27th of March 1922, Dick King-Smith grew up in the countryside in Gloucestershire, England. His real name was Ronald Gordon King-Smith and gained his nickname when he was a child. He was a brilliant author of hundreds of children books with many awards. He died in January 2011.

First Love
When he was fourteen, he met a girl named Myrle England in a Christman Party. Myrle loves animals just like him. With their parents blessings, they were married on February 6, 1943 at St. Mary’s Church, Bitton. They had three children; two girls and one boy.

As a Soldier
At the age of 19, King-Smith was enlisted as a soldier for World War II. He served as a platoon commander in Grenadier Guards when allied forces conquer Italy in September 1943. He left the army after being hit with a hand grenade in 1944; this makes him ill with an infection in his lung dealt by the grenade. Educated at a preparatory school and then at Marlborough college, Dick King-Smith real ambition was to become a farmer.

As a Farmer
Dick started his farming career in 1947 using his father’s Paper mill. Despite of his hard-working nature, King-Smith was to force to abandon his farming business because of his poor way on handling the business.

As a Teacher
After his farming career, King-Smith then took an Education degree from Bristol University and began teaching in Farmborough elementary school in the next 8 years. First he teaches kids up 8 years old but it didn’t go well because he was very poor at math. He was then assigned to teach infants instead. This inspired him to write books for children.

As a Writer
Dick King-Smith’s final and the most successful career is being a writer. King Smith’s books were sold for over five million copies in Britain and approximately fifteen million copies all over the world. He wrote over 150 book which has been translated in many different languages.

The Sheep Pig (1983)
The Sheep Pig is the most popular work of Dick King-Smith. It is a story of a piglet that has been won by a farmer named Hogget. The piglet was welcomed by the farmer’s sheep dog named Fly as one of his own kind. Fly was the one who named the piglet Babe and teaches it how to handle the work of a sheep dog.

The Fox Busters (1978)
The Fox Busters was the first book made by Dick King-Smith. Fox Buster is about a farm with chickens that learned how to run, think, and fly away from the foxes who wants to devour them. The story has its origin Dick’s own farm where he imagined what would happen if the chicken fights the fox. The tale was sent to publishers but rejected twice. When Joanna Goldsworthy, children’s book editor, showed interest on it and gave him a chance to publish it.

King Smith’s Dislikes
Dick King-Smith didn’t to be in towns with birds, pineapples, nuts, and turnips. He once said “I would probably die immediately if I was forced to live in one.”

Myrle England’s Death
Dick King-Smith’s wife, Myrle England died in the year 2000. She always supports Dick in everything. A year after her death, Dick married Zona Bedding, an old family friend. He still continued to write even if he has her new wife.

Favorite Animal
Pig is Dick’s favorite animal. He even had a statue of this animal in his backyard. He had a pet pig named, Monty, likes him very much and loved being scratch by Dick.

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