Interesting Facts about Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton or William Jefferson Clinton, born in 1946, was the young president of U.S from Hope, excelled to such a level where no other politician or Democrat could reach ever since Franklin Roosevelt. Clinton survived trails of scandals and had bravely faced his critics.


He loved to term himself as ‘œNew Democrat’ and sometimes is also known as the ‘œComeback Kid.’ Here are some interesting things to know about Bill Clinton.


  • He was responsible for filling in the biggest fiscal lack in the History of America by smartly using the American force to curb the murderous activities in Kosovo and Bosnia, in the name of ‘œEthnic Cleaning.’


  • He had to go through relentless media attacks based on personal issues. Starting from the loss of Congress first time ever in forty years to the right-wing of the Republican Party was much blamed on him.


  • His father died just some months before he was born. He dreamt of being the President from a tender age. He went to public school in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He was committed to politics from a very young age.


  • He won student elections in high schools and continued to win even at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. His political base got firmer when he worked as a committee staff at Senator William Fulbright’s of Arkansas.


  • He taught law at the University of Arkansas for a short period of time, after graduating from Yale Law School. In 1974, he fought for the United States House of Representatives but lost and then was chosen as the state attorney general.


  • He was the youngest governor of the nation as well as Arkansas history to come into power at the age of thirty-two, in 1978. He lost his bid for the re-election and returned to win four times placing himself for a try at the Democratic nomination for President of U.S in 1992.


  • President George H. W Bush was defeated by Clinton along with Ross Perot after a lot of hustles with a group of fellow Democrats for the nominations. He vowed to take care of financial issues like ‘œlaser-beam’ mainly to modify the growth of American economy.


  • He had some liberal plans that he carried out as traditional dreams like changing military expenses to domestic expenditures, making abortion legal, controlling gun power, protecting the environment, educational possibilities and equal rights of employment, gay right legalization and national health insurance for citizens.


  • Hilary Clinton had been his partner both in political as well as personal life. She had been his major support in administration. She became famous after the Monica Lewinsky issue with high ratings in the second term.


  • Clinton moved to Chappaqua, New York after leaving White House. He follows a speaking schedule from his office in New York City. He had a remarkable influence as a director of the Democratic Party.

In future history books, Bill Clinton will be recorded as the second President, who was impeached by the United House of Representatives. This remarks his survival ability and his impression on programs, politics and methods of the U.S back in 1990s.

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