Interesting Facts about Akita Dogs

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Among the popular breed of dogs in recent times, the Akita dogs have been gaining popularity steadily. This particular breed of Spitz dogs includes two different varieties namely the Japanese Akita and the American Akita, although the latter is now being regarded as a completely separate breed. The Akita dogs are of large and medium size and have double-coat fur. They are known to be of gentle, intelligent and composed natures. These dogs are very loyal and attached to the families they belong to but are cold to strangers at times. The Japanese Akitas come in selected colours only including brown, white, black and grey, although the American Akitas display myriad colours. These dogs can live anywhere between 9 to 15 years.

One of the most trusted companions for children and older people, the Akita dogs are very adorable and popular with most people around the world. But there are some of the lesser known facts about these dogs that most people are oblivious of. Some of these facts are as follows:
The name ‘œAkita’ originates from the Japanese prefecture of the same name situated in the north-eastern region of the country. It is believed that the people of Akita bred them as early as 1600 for the purpose of hunting. So, some of the Akita dogs were quite large while others were of medium size.

During the 1930s, the Akita actually became very rare in Japan. The Japanese state had declared the dog a national treasure and put emphasis on the breeding of Akitas.

The story of Hachiko made the breed famous for the first time to the rest of the world. The loyalty of the Akita dog named Hachiko had touched the people across the globe and people started adopting Akita dogs. A Hollywood film of the same title released in 2009.

The American type Akita is actually no separate species but a variant of the original Japanese breed. During the World War II, the American soldiers serving their nation in and around Japan had adopted Akita dogs and grown a preference for them. Upon the end of war, they returned to USA with those Akitas. This started the whole new branch of American Akitas.

Akita is one of the very few breed of dogs which show feline characteristics such as immense territoriality and reserved attitude towards strangers. They have also been known to clean itself after meal and posses a fastidious attitude inside the house.

Akitas are very protective of their family members. Unlike some members of the Spitz breed, Akitas are aware of threat to their families and have been known to be hostile in those situations.

Unlike some of the hunting dogs, Akitas never lived in groups, a nature that is reflected even in these modern day specimens.

Akitas are also known to be extremely hostile dogs of other species, especially of the same gender. This is why it is not advisable to take out an Akita dog in a public space without a leash on.

Akitas are prone to some diseases which include Pseudohyperkalemia. There are some particular drugs which cause health hazards to Akitas.

Akitas are largely regarded as companion dogs.

These are only a few of the lesser known facts about Akitas. It is expected that people will get more acquainted with them in the future.

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