Important facts about Skyrim

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Skyrim is an action-role playing Elder Scrolls game created by Bethesda Game Studios. The player in the game has access to the world of Skyrim where he can navigate through wilderness on horses,using other abilities provided to them. The player can also engage in conversation with other characters within the game or simply kill them. Development of the player’s character should be the perpetual goal and this is done through exploration, actions and conversations through the course of the game.

The story of Skyrim though not exactly a sequel is said to be based 200 years post the events that take place in the game story of Oblivion. A civil war is in progress amidst two political factions: the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion. Such is the addiction Skyrim has brought to its players, that it has almost been said to blur lines differentiating the real and the virtual world.

The Shield Charge provided to players is a powerful weapon and can be used to knock off enemies.

To own a follower that never dies, ignoring the Clavicus Shrine Quest is the best option. This will enable Barbas to stay with you forever.
Stray dogs that are made to wait outside the dungeon disappear.

Casting dual spells is said to increase the effectiveness or the duration or damage done by the spell during the game.

A difficult but fun part of the game is stealing without getting caught. Popping a basket over the shop owner before pilfering goods blocks their vision. Although cheap and immoral it’s only but a game to enjoy.

Faendal’s friendship is useful in getting archery training but gamers have to pay for it. Once they are able to make him a follower, it’s easy to get back the money from his inventory.

A single minion can be used to collect raw materials from a corpse while passing through a dungeon.

To avoid the legs getting mushy after dropping from high altitudes, use the ‘˜Turn Ethereal’ Dragonshout. This is an additional advantage apart from providing protection against blades and arrows.

Skyrim has loads of distractions through its course with innumerable quests and players have the freedom to play it in their own way. However, it’s best to stick to the main plot of the game for once.

The graphics quality of the game has always been highly praised by the critics which makes it all the more necessary for players to climb and explore the mountains for the sheer joy of experiencing what it looks like. But beware of the many monsters that come in the form of ice-trolls and frost wolves.

What makes Skyrim unique is the development of the player’s character based on his actions during the course of the game unlike many other games where the player gets to choose his or her role.

In the city of Dawnstar, players can encounter a hidden treasure chest to loot to their heart’s content. The treasure chest contains useful items such as weapons and armours and even potions, gold, precious gems etc. To locate the treasure chest, players must check between the rocks at the edge of the settlement.

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