Important Facts About Children

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When a child comes into the family, he/she brings along so much hope and happiness for the parents and the entire family. But to bring up the child properly totally depends on the parents and elders of the family especially at the infant stage.

Fact 1 Uniqueness Of Every Child

Every child is unique. Each one has his/her own characteristics, thoughts, feelings and behavior. You cannot find exactly two similar kids anywhere in the world. So bringing them up must also follow unique ways that are appropriate for each one. Moreover, there are many factors that determine the health and character of children like the mother’s conditions during pregnancy, her environment and also her physical and mental health conditions. It is for these reasons some children are born healthy while others are not.

Fact 2 Impact Of Events During Early Years

It is important for all parents to note that all that happens and what a child witnesses in his/her early growing years are portrayed in his/her later life. Past experiences, whether good or bad have an effect on the minds of children. Right from his first year of school till graduation and college days till securing a job and settling in life, a child is influenced by what he/she has been a part of in the earlier years. So parents and all other family members have to be cautious about how they behave, speak to each other as well as the children of the household. Any kind of untoward events or violent incidents stay in the children’s minds forever and this might take a different turn in the future.

Fact 3 Developments Of A Child’s Brain

During the first year, a baby grows rapidly not only in weight but also internally. The child’s brain grows at immense speed and by the age of three, his brain reaches about 80% of the size of an adult’s brain. It is a crucial stage in the life of both the parents and the child. The environment plays an important role in his all-round development. Parents should take active part during these impressionable years to keep the child happy and develop some of the simplest basic habits that stays with him/her for life.

Fact 4 Important Aspects Of Parenting

Often parents especially who need to work outdoors, return home tired and cannot attend to the child’s needs like playing with him/her, telling stories or just answering questions which most inquisitive and active children ask. It is natural that they would like to know everything that they see around them and so parents have to answer them patiently and appropriately keeping in mind that these answers will guide them in later life. Telling the truth is what matters the most. Parents should never lie to their children about ordinary things. It has an adverse effect on their minds when they come to know the truth.

Fact 5 Parents Should Be Role Models

Parents should always try to be the role models for their children. Patience, truthfulness, self respect and confidence are some of the basic strength of character that children learn from their parents. Moreover parents must also realize that only scolding or beating up children is not a remedy for their mischief. Take accurate measures to teach them what is right and wrong.

Fact 6 Teaching Basic Chores

Children should be taught the basic chores right from an early age at home and not depend on school teachers to teach them that they should brush their teeth regularly or eat properly or wish their elders and so on. Families that are well-behaved and lead a simple and happy life often help their children to be good people in future. Chores also help children to be responsive and helpful towards others. Positive parenting is very essential for children’s future.

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