Horrifying Facts about Dog Fighting



Dog fighting is a cruel form of sport that involves entertainment where two dogs are forcefully pitted against one another to fight. Such dogs are bred and trained in a specific manner so as to develop aggressive behavior. An average dog fight lasts for about two hours till one of the dogs is unable to fight back. Dog fighting as a sport was lesser known of till ex-Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick was convicted with felony of abusing dogs through this sick sport.

Here are some shocking facts about dog fighting.

  • Dogs that are used for dog fighting are bred for this very purpose and right from their birth they are doomed to lead a painful life. These dogs are known as ‘˜pit bulls’ comprising of breeds like American pit bull terriers, Staffordshire terriers, American bulldogs and others.

  • Pit bulls are kept chained at all times and many a times, starved and taunted to develop aggression and trigger survival instincts.

  • Training sessions for dogs sent to dog fighting involve running on treadmills with caged rabbits, cats or some terrified animal dangling before them.

  • Dogs are injected with steroids, teeth cut and sharpened and ears cut off to prevent being latched on by other dogs during the fights.

  • Winning a dog fight may be profitable for the cruel owner but worse for the dog that will be forced to fight again till he is unable to or dies in a fight. Winning dogs are said to generate revenue of up to $100,000 a year.

  • Life is hard for these dogs who are left traumatized after each dog fighting event, chunks of flesh bitten off or deep wounds inflicted by their opponents and many die due to infection, blood loss, exhaustion etc.

  • Dog fighting as a sport is not just a felony in itself but has other associated crimes involved with it. These include illegal gambling, drug activities, murder etc. Oftentimes owners and breeders involved in the affair are threatened or murdered for money won at these events.

  • Cruel people who enjoy watching dog fights and visit these events often take children along with them. Exposing young children to such sadistic sights can develop insensitivity to animal suffering and violence.

  • Dog fighting is already a felony in over 50 states in the United States of America under the Federal Law.

  • Abandoned pets or stray ones are often used as baits for the dog fights.

  • Dogs left injured in dog fights receive no veterinary attention and if the losers survive, they are often tortured in cruel manners till they die.

Apart from such an organized form of sadistic sport, dog fights also occur amongst street dogs and stray ones in urban areas. In most places, the penalties levied on the people involved in this trade are very minor which is not deterring enough for them to stop it. The practice is outright cruel and carried out in a planned manner. Spectators who watch dog fighting are equally responsible for promoting such cruelty against animals through paid admission and attendance to the event. Those genuinely concerned about animal safety should always report cases or any suspicion of dog fighting in one’s neighborhood to law enforcement authorities.

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  1. Sssniperwolf

    January 20, 2020 2:23 pm

    It makes me want to cry when I hear about this so call sport. I just cant believe people could be so cruel to these dogs and for what, MONEY, GLOREY. I’m amazed at what people are can and are willing to do to animals who didn’t do anything wrong. They use stray animals as bait, Ok, so if they found an innocent Kitten they would just feed it to the dog or hang it by a string on a treadmill so their dog could go faster to try and get it. I am so disgusted on this topic and what these people are doing to these innocent animals who didn’t do anything but be born and that wasn’t even their fault.


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