Horrible Facts about KFC

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1. KFC Guards its Secret Recipe Fiercely

KFC says that it uses a secret recipe that features a blend of 11 spices and herbs. This has been claimed in their adverts for some time. The handwritten recipe with the exact quantities of each spice and names is said to be locked up in a vault in the KFC corporate offices in Louisville, Kentucky.

 2. KFC’s China Reputation is Creepy

KFC was among the first franchise to enter the Asian market. The chain used ‘finger-licking good’ as its slogan until 2011 when the slogan was changed. When getting into the Chinese market, KFC did a horrible job in translating its slogan. The ‘finger-licking good’ slogan erroneously translated to ‘eat your fingers off’ in Chinese language, which didn’t sound tasty.

3. KFC stole the Chicken Bucket Idea

KFC is said to have stolen the chicken bucket idea from Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy. Dave Thomas was a KFC franchisee at some point and he designed the famous fried chicken bucket that KFC uses. However, KFC attributes the bucket invention to someone else named Pete Harman.

 4. KFC changed its original name to downplay the term ‘Fried’

KFC was originally known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, the chain was forced to change its name because it wanted to do away with the term ‘fried’ from its title. This change was informed by the increasingly common trend of people opting to eat healthy foods.

 5. The Founder of KFC was a Trouble Maker

KFC’s founder, Harland David Sanders was a trouble maker who was not born in a rich family. At age 13, Harland moved from his home because he wasn’t getting along with his step-dad. At the age of 16, he got into the U.S Army by lying about his age. Harland was fired from work twice for fighting; first as a railroad worker for scrapping another employee and second as a lawyer for fighting his client in court.

 6. Harland was actually not a Colonel

Though Harland enjoyed a short stint in the United States Army, he did not get a Colonel title from the military. The title was given to him to denote high accomplishments or good service that benefited the Kentucky state. Harland got the title in 1935 from Governor Ruby Laffoon who also gave over 5000 Kentuckians the same title during his time as governor.

 7. KFC uses Bad Flavoring and Salt

The sugar version, Maltodextrin, included in KFC recipe causes diabetes, suppresses immunity and causes KFC product addiction. The salt used is highly refined meaning it lacks crucial minerals and has many additives that potentially cause high metal toxicity. KFC recipe also contains monosodium glutamate that kills brain cells and makes a person dumb.

 8. Dangerous Oil Levels

KFC uses partially hydrogenated oils including omega 6 fatty acids that have the potential to cause heart ailments. The chain also uses saturated fats and their products have high cholesterol levels that threaten heart fitness aggravating coronary heart diseases.

 9. The First Fried Chicken was Pressure Cooked

At the time when Harland’ restaurant business was beginning to pick, the invention of pressure cookers happened. Pressure cookers were designed to reduce the duration that chicken took to cook as opposed to pan frying it. At the time, Harland did not want the chicken deep fried. He tried to pressure cook the chicken but Kentucky Pressure-Cooked Chicken did not sound great.

 10 . KFC’s Chicken

KFC produces its chicken through factory farming approach which seeks to maximize profits and overlooks health conditions in farms. The chickens have no room to move and get no access to sunlight. They feed on low quality food and are exposed to lots of hormones and antibiotics to accelerate growth.

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