Fun Facts about Skiing

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Both skiing and snowboarding are closely related sports and involve great physical skills and challenges to overcome. However, it continues to be extremely popular in the category of high-energy sports and over time and practise one can really master the skill. In spite of the many health and fitness risks involved, people of all ages come together to the sloped for skiing.

Here are some fun facts about skiing.

  • Skiing is possibly a very ancient sport because the oldest evidences can be found in the Norwegian rock carvings depicting people skiing and they date back to 2500 BC.

  • Skiing accidents are quite frequent and 35 % of these accidents that occur in Switzerland involve knee injuries. In case of snowboarding, the upper arm and shoulders are prone to injury.

  • Skiing can be of many types which include Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon and freestyle. Cross country skiing involves races along a flat course while the Alpine Skiing is of the more risky kind practised along the steep Alpine slopes. Biathlon consists of cross-country skiing and target shooting.

  • Skiing over moguls involve aerial skiing in which competitors perform twists and turns mid-air before landing on the slopes.

  • The word ‘Ski’ was recorded as a noun in the English language for the first time in 1755 but its verb form did not come into use much later until 1893. Similarly water-ski appeared in 1931.

  • Ski is essentially a Norwegian word that stands for a piece of wood.

  • Traditional skiing equipment is typically made of highly polished wood. However, nowadays one can find plastic and polyurethane foam material skis as well and they come in a variety of size and styles.

  • It is still uncertain how Americans learned skiing and whether it was inherited from the natives or whether Norwegian and Swedish immigrants brought it along during the mid-19th century.

  • There are about 3000 ski lifts in each of the countries of France and Austria and USA. Almost 40 US states have their own ski resorts while Austria, Norway and Switzerland account for the highest participation levels in skiing, 25% of which comprise their own natives.

  • Since the first Winter Olympics took place in 1924, cross country skiing has been an official sport ever since.

  • In the Olympic Winter games of 2014, Austria won 105 medals for Alpine Skiing, which is more than any other country to have won medals at a single sport.

  • Hermann Maier is Austria’s all-time leader in the field of Alpine Skiing.

  • Skiing happened to be considered as a form of transport in Europe long before it started being practised as a sport.

  • In 1721, the Norwegian Army was the first of its kind to have its own specialised ski unit in the army.

  • Erjon Toja was the only Albanian contestant to have participated for the Alpine Skiing event at the Winter Olympics both in 2006 and 2010.

Much late into the 19th century, skiing continued to be considered a man’s sport. However, it has now become an extremely popular sport and form of recreation for people of all ages.

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