Fascinating Facts About Sydney, Australia

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Let me first tell you about Sydney being the capital of New South Wales and not the capital of Australia; Canberra is the capital of Australia. It is often confused because Sydney is internationally famous and also densely populated. Now for a little history about Sydney; very often the residents are called “convicts,” and the logic for this comes from its history. In 1788, the convicts from England were brought by ship and left there for punishment. Sydney is also known as the “Harbour City” of Australia. Sydney’s renowned beaches, sparkling harbor, vivacious culture, and wonderful climate are all well known around the world, but Sydney’s enviable lifestyle is only half the story; the rest is below.

1. Sydney Opera House is the most familiar and iconic. It’s one among the most entertaining venues in the world. It took 10 years to build the largest mechanical musical instrument, the Grand organ, in the Opera House. The Opera House hosts 3,000 shows per year.

2. Sydney Observatory offers virtual tours of the planets and the moons. Also a 3D space theater, it offers an experience that’s out of this world.

3. Taronga Zoo in Sydney is a place where one gets to meet the koalas and the other animal species that Australia is universally famous for. Besides meeting the animals, you will also get to enjoy the thrilling feeding sessions.

4. Can anyone talk about Sydney and not mention “beaches”? Not possible! There are more than 100 attractive, remarkably clean, and most famous beaches; some beaches offer surfing lessons and snorkeling, too!

5. Australia’s most photographed landmark is Sydney Harbour Bridge; it is the world’s largest steel arch bridge. You also get to climb the monument; once you climb the ladders, stairs, and go through the catwalks, the view is nothing less than breathtaking.

6. Parkland and long harbor walks and talks can be enjoyed at suburbs such as Waverton, Mosman, and Gladesville. If you want some sumptuous Asian food, consider the cultural quarters of Eastwood and Chatswood.

7. Sydney Olympic Park is the place to enjoy various recreational sports and entertainment options. Food from every corner of the world can be relished at the cultural quarters of Cabramatta, Lakemba, Auburn, and Harris Park.

The main language people in Sydney speak is English, but you will also be surprised to see that languages like Chinese and Arabic are popular.

9. The world’s biggest fish market, Sydney is the leader in the seafood industry, attracting over 2 million visitors a year. It’s an authentic fishermen’s market and an icon for Sydney.

If you like going to fashion shows, have you thought of “Duck” fashion shows? Yes, they do exist, and the shows have run for more than 30 years.

Can more than a billion people be wrong when they all unanimously say: Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks are the biggest and most technically progressive fireworks displays?

12. We’ve all heard of hospitals for humans and animals; how about a hospital for dolls? Yes, in Sydney there is a hospital for dolls, and it has real hospital settings. They have doctors with specialties in different parts of the doll, like arms, legs, eyes, etc. They also have different wards like: plastic dolls, rocking horse restoration, pram repairs, jointed teddy bears, vinyl rag dolls, ink removal, etc.

Every January, a major arts festival known as the Sydney Festival runs for three weeks. It features events from local and international artists, includes contemporary and also classical music, circus, visual arts, drama, and dance. About 500,000 people attend the large-scale outdoor events, and about 150,000 people attend the ticketed events.

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